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Anne-Marie Yerks is a freelance writer from metro Detroit, MI. Her work has appeared in numerous blogs and magazines, including "Good Housekeeping" and "marie claire." Her content writing specialities include fashion, cosmetics, home decor, wellness and education. Her novel "Dream Junkies" was published in 2016 by New Rivers Press.

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Superfood Review -- Chia Seeds

From LA to New York, Trends Move With the Tides

Fashion is unquestionably a global industry and, in America, it’s no secret that clothing designers and manufacturers are concentrated on or around the West and East coasts. Studios in New York, Los Angeles and surrounding metr...

What is Corneal Erosion?

WHAT IS CORNEAL EROSION? One of the most common vision problems, corneal erosion can affect anyone and show up suddenly. If you sometimes have dry eyes and lids in the morning, you’re at risk for corneal damage. When the ...

Creating Custom Designs for Photo Jewelry

How to Create Custom Bead Designs From Your Photos to Sell Online Selling custom photo beads online is a way to generate income and develop skill with photography and graphic design. If your inventory appeals to a popular s...

A guide to chandeliers

*Chandeliers: A Brief History * As a crowning statement of elegance, grace and glamor, a chandelier— also known as a "ceiling rose" — sits at the top of the lighting fixture hierarchy, looking down proudly on all entering the ...

Crackle Does it Without the Subscription Fees

The Internet is like a brussels sprout plant in a rainy garden. Every inch brings a new crop of something you aren't sure you want. Yet the plant grows and grows, piling up nuggets until it looks like a Christmas tree from Pint...

Get a Reality Role

Making it Real: How to Get a Reality TV Role Every day around the world, ordinary people compromise their privacy and personal relationships to gain international exposure on reality television. Shows like The Apprentice, Survi...

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