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Amy Bravewater
Manassas Park, Virginia, United States
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I am a longtime writer for Scripted, having produced quality content for a variety of businesses and organizations. I have an unusually diverse professional background with speciality knowledge in European history, Africana Studies, Feminist and Queer Theory, herbal healing, and midwifery. My favorite topics to write about are travel and lifestyle.

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Using traditional remedies to find calm in a modern world. (open to more catchy suggestions)

The Three Easiest-to-Grow Heirloom Seeds to Add to Your Garden

Maybe you have a precious family heirloom in your home, a quilt made by your grandmother, candlesticks that sit on the table every holiday season… Well, you might not have known it, but you can grow heirlooms right in your own ...

Recapture the Yuletide Spirit at Germany’s Christmas Markets

Roasted chestnuts, fragrant pine trees, glimmering lights reflecting off of colorful ornaments, and a visit from Saint Nick… these are the signs of Christmas for many of us around the world, but did you know that all have their...

Examing Ecofeminism: Why Vandana Shiva Links Women and Earth

When Vandana Shiva argues that "the marginalization of women and the destruction of biodiversity go hand in hand" she is describing the commonality of gendered and environmental oppression, as well the specific location of wome...

Adolescent Literature and The Myth of Neutrality: An Opinion Piece

Teaching literature to adolescents is particular challenge for several reasons. Young people have often not been exposed to the world outside of formal education, and are still developing their opinions of the world and its sto...

Revolution and Revival: Marxism Meets French Liberalism

In 1789 the National Assembly of France attempted to outline a framework for an ideal society, and building on this, Jean Paul Marat urged the disenfranchised French people to rise up against their oppressors. In 1848 Karl Marx...

Local High School Plays it Cool in West Side Story

Rocks, cans, bricks, chains, bottles, knifes, guns! And that was only in the first act of Thomas Jefferson High School's crazy, cool production of "West Side Story," highlighting murder, mayhem, and true love in the slums of Ne...

A Gross Injustice: A Place for Placenta Eating in Feminist Discourse

If you have been born, you have had intimate bodily contact with a placenta. The placenta was likely the most important thing in your world until you left the womb, but chances are good that you haven't given it much thought si...

Analysis of Imperial Leather: A Review of Anne McClintock's Postcolonial Portrait

In Imperial Leather Anne McClintock develops a narrative of British imperialism beginning with an analysis of the socio-cultural climate of Victorian Britain and following trails of power and discipline into Apartheid South Afr...

Cultivating Creativity: How and Why to Find Our Fertile Ground

Human creativity has been the focus of much speculation and analysis throughout history. It is that ever elusive spark that moves us in new directions. Most every spiritual tradition begins with an act of genesis, or creativity...

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