Alexandra T

Columbus, Ohio, United States

I'm a content creator and word nerd currently based in Columbus, Ohio and originally from Mexico City. I have a B.A. Professional Writing and French from the University of New Mexico an an M.A. in British Literature from Kings College London in the UK. I have professional experience as a writer and editor in the nonprofit sector and in trade publishing, and I'm intimately familiar with academic writing in the humanities. Two years of freelance experience in search engine evaluation have given me focused insight into how and why SEO techniques work, and they also gave me time to write my first novel, which I just sold!. My interests are varied--I've traveled extensively, I'm a voracious reader and moviegoer, I'm a baking whiz (just don't ask me to cook), I follow the latest fashion and beauty trends, and I love the performing arts (I was a professional ballerina for a few years). I love sharing these passions with others, and my enthusiasm is a signature of my writing style.

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