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Content Creation For SEO

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Content has always had a role in marketing, but in today’s digital landscape, content is fueling search, social, and lead nurturing efforts across every industry. Content marketing is simple in theory: create relevant content, and search engines will rank your content at the top of the results. Digital marketers and agencies have jumped into the game of content creation and strategy, but creating content at scale that stands out has proven to be challenging.

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10 Qualities Of Shareable Blog Posts

The days of creating content to just publish it and hope for the best are over. Since millions of pieces are shared online each day—a majority of them that are created and published by brands—it’s never been harder to rise above the competition. However, like many savvy content marketers know, the best way to stand out and reach a relevant audience is by creating shareable content. Shareable content is the kind that evokes emotion and encourages readers to share it with their friends and networks. It’s the modern day form of word-of-mouth marketing. And as marketing expert Seth Godin says, Ideas that spread, win.”

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Merging In-House and Freelance Writers Screenshot

Merging In-House and Freelance Writers

Content marketing is no longer a buzzword for businesses and marketers. It’s become a necessity to any marketing strategy. Since consumers are now sourcing answers to their questions from search engines and social media, brands must show original content in these locations. This content must be valuable, engaging — and most importantly — written by writers who have their fingers on the pulse of a company’s respective industry.

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Panda 4.0 and Content

Content marketing is simple in theory: create relevant content, and search engines will rank your content at the top of the results. Online visitors will flock to your website to consume your content and in turn become new customers. If only it were that easy. Google is making algorithm updates every month and its search results page has changed significantly in the last few years. Sometimes a marketer does everything right for a long time, only to see a page’s ranking plummet with the sudden release of a new algorithm update. All they can do is research the best they can, and roll that website back up the proverbial mountain. This book will alleviate some of the frustration of the newest algorithm update, Panda 4.0. We’ll touch on the history of algorithm updates, talk about Panda 4.0 and where it fits in Google’s plan, and break down the state of today’s content marketing and the emergent best practices.

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The Guide to Hiring Quality Writers Screenshot

The Guide to Hiring Quality Writers

Learn how to hire great content writers to scale your content marketing strategy. A content marketing strategy is unable to succeed without great writers. At, we know what to look for in content writers. Download our three-step guide to find out if you’re ready to hire, and if so, how to move forward and find awesome content writers.

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The Style Guide Screenshot

The Style Guide

One of the most important actions you can take to create high-quality, original content is to maintain a specific style within your content

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The Ultimate Guide To Building A Content Marketing Team Screenshot

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Content Marketing Team

There has never been a more exciting time to be a marketer. Companies are coming to the realization that marketing is the engine that drives business — particularly revenue. The technology available to marketers continues to evolve rapidly as investments fuel innovation across the space. Improvements in distribution, targeting, automation and analytics — to name a few — have given marketers numerous ways to efficiently attract and retain customers.

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Why The Smartest Marketers Have An External Writing Team Screenshot

Why The Smartest Marketers Have An External Writing Team

A successful content strategy includes many moving parts: content planning, content creation, content promotion, measuring your content’s performance and optimizing for success. Each component is equally as important to your content strategy. At, we see many businesses outsource content because they’re stretched for time. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2014 benchmark report, 69 percent of B2B marketers said a “lack of time” was the biggest challenge they face to date. But time isn’t the only reason why nearly 47 percent of marketers have turned to outsourcing. Here’s why the savvy ones in the business are outsourcing their content right now (and why you should be, too).

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Quick Guide to Tones Screenshot

Quick Guide to Tones

Tone matters in writing just as it does when you're speaking. Yelling, using advanced vocabulary with a young child or talking to your boss like he's five years old wouldn't get your message across very well; similarly, when you write, you need to deliberately choose words and sentence structures that are appropriate for your audience. Here’s a guide explaining some of the most common tones and examples to show how they’re properly used.

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