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Content Marketers Style Guide

The Go-To Style Guide for Content Marketers

One of the most important actions you can take to create high-quality, original content is to maintain a specific style within your content. To scale your brand and voice across all of your content, your team needs a well defined style guide. We’ve put together a handy, go-to style guide for you to turn to […]

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Why The Smartest Marketers Have External Writing Teams

At the core of every content strategy is creation – and for written content, that’s writing. A successful content strategy includes many moving parts: content planning, content creation, content promotion, measuring your content’s performance and optimizing for success. Each component is equally as important to your content strategy. At Scripted.com, we see many businesses outsource […]

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Scripted Content Marketing Writing

15 Lessons From Top Content Marketers

Effective content marketing takes more than creating content.  We’ve compiled a collection of quotes from a select group of marketers sharing their advice on topics such as: Most valuable content for readers Growing traffic to your blog Making your content standout ROI from blogging Defining the quality of content Content distribution Download White Paper  

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Ready To Create Content On Scripted

Are You Ready to Create Content With Scripted?

Woohoo, you’re looking to create content! Effective content marketing can drive quality leads, increase web traffic, establish credibility, and engage existing users. However, make sure that you’ve answered these key questions before getting started with Scripted: Who is the target audience of this content? What industry is your content for? What is your editorial calendar […]

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