What is Scripted Recommended Content?

Recommended Content is a SaaS feature that Scripted developed to help clients generate ideas. The platform leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the generation of copy that's optimized for search engines.

How Recommended Content Ideas Work

Getting new and compelling ideas is a piece of cake with our AI-powered content recommendations. Based on a few pieces of information that you provide, our platform will spit out dozens of quality options.

The steps to make it happen are easy as 1-2-3:

You provide topics
We map your topics to those that perform well in Google and drive conversions
AI generates content ideas for you to select

Once matched with keywords and strategies, you'll work closely with one of our vetted writers. They'll thoroughly research your topic and produce high-quality articles based on the recommended strategy. That's it!

What's Included in the Recommended Content Ideas?

The suggestions you receive will be generated so that you can easily hire a writer to begin working on your marketing piece right away. There's no need to add anything else to the chosen ideas as everything's already done for you. Of course, you're always welcome to tweak the content brief to your liking, but this gives you an excellent place to start with less work required. The results of our AI-generated suggestions have been standardized to fit the structure of the content brief.

You can view the specific details for each item in the list of recommendations. Those that don't fit your current needs can be archived and moved out of your way. Then, depending on your liking, you can select one to get started. If you need to make changes to the content idea, click the "edit" button before publishing to the writers' platform. Otherwise, simply click the "order" button to make your project visible to industry-specific writers.

Why AI-Powered Content Recommendations is Helpful for Business

AI is an umbrella term for a range of technologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, and others. These technologies aim to perform as well as or better than humans at specific tasks like content creation. If you struggle with developing copy for your website, campaigns and other marketing efforts, you'll love our new AI-powered feature.

Effortless Topic Generation

Figuring out what to write about seems simple enough, but writer's block happens to the best of us. Some people have a system for creating topics work. These approaches might include generating a list of topics in advance, browsing through social media and stalking competitor websites. These brainstorming tactics all take time that AI can help cut down.

Easy Content Configuration

Even if you have a topic in mind, sometimes the words don't seem to flow out. The best thing to do is first develop an outline around your subject. Then a quick Google search will usually give you a few directions to take. Sometimes, it leads down an endless rabbit hole of too much information. The creative process can be frustrating to say the least. That's why automated recommendations may serve you better.


Reaching target audiences requires some level of personalization. In other words, you need to know what they're looking for (problems) and what they need (solutions). The best way to do that is through the analysis of Google searches. AI can go out and see what type of Internet-based content is grabbing people's attention. Unless you invest in expensive keyword research software or desire to do it manually, automated personalization is the way to go.

Better User Experience

Nowadays, offering digital information is all about keeping people engaged. As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. AI-powered content recommendations are optimized based on your target audience. Once on your site, they're more likely to remain engaged with the marketing piece. In turn, this increases the chance they'll navigate to other areas of the site or take a specific action (e.g., sign up for a newsletter, make a purchase).

There are many use cases for AI in improving marketing strategies, including keyword selection, content creation, SEO optimization, data analysis, A/B testing, etc. Some of these features already make up Scripted's idea generation software. Business leaders and marketing professionals are taking advantage of AI so that they can focus on more significant tasks at hand. You can too!

Get Started with Recommended Content!

AI is a valuable tool for businesses to integrate into their marketing strategy. The key is automation. It can save time, energy and even money when it comes to creative copywriting. That’s precisely where Scripted Recommend Content comes into play. We want to make content creation a smooth process for our clients.

Although AI isn’t yet great at writing long-form articles, it's instrumental when ideating. We designed our workflow so that AI creates customized ideas for you while our expert writers research and produce the final materials. There are 100,000+ unique recommended content ideas in our platform that you can choose based on customized matches.

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