Focus on Quality Content With Scripted AI Detection Layer

Increased interest in artificial intelligence and AI-generated content presents a lot of new concerns for marketers. Scripted AI Detection eliminates many of those concerns by ensuring customers only receive content written by humans. Now you can publish content that resonates with your readers and convinces them to take action.

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AI Detection

Scripted embraces emerging technologies to help your content reach and convert more customers. Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has disrupted the content marketing industry in unexpected ways, leaving a lot of professionals worried about whether AI detection will hurt their campaigns.
Last year, the market size was valued at $136.6 billion — by 2030, it's expected to hit $1,811.8 billion.

Half of marketers say they outsource some of their content marketing to freelancers, so you need a streamlined way to communicate with everyone who contributes to your marketing success.

Scripted’s approach to content creation now includes several AI-driven tools, including an AI detection feature developed to flag content that doesn’t meet our high expectations.

Thanks to our platform’s advanced technologies, you can focus on publishing quality content that gets results.

Do You Want To See How Combining Human Writers And AI-Powered Tools Can Help Your Marketing Campaigns Succeed?

Why You Need Scripted AI Detection

Some AI tools can quickly generate text that follows grammatical rules, so why does AI detection matter? Unfortunately, AI-generated content often gets very important details wrong. You might need Scripted AI Detection because:

Scripted Integrates AI Detection Into Its Platform

You don't need to bother using a third-party AI-detection tool. Scripted integrates AI detection into the content-creation process. By building AI detection into the Scripted platform, we ensure customers get the quality content they need to succeed.

AI Content Can Include Outdated And Incorrect Information

AI content can include inaccurate information that misleads readers. In the worst cases, AI could use outdated information that actually puts readers in danger. Just imagine a medical article that tells readers to follow advice that has since been proven ineffective.

AI Content Doesn't Always Resonate With Readers

AI-generated articles might follow grammatical rules, but they often fail to connect with human readers. They simply don't have the human touch that's hard to define but essential to converting readers. Don't waste time and money publishing AI-produced content that doesn't get the job done.

Protect Yourself From Content Scams

"Content creators" could try to pass AI content as their own. Scripted AI Detection makes that nearly impossible, ensuring you only get content written by humans with experience in your industry.

Search Engines Might Penalize AI Content

While Google and other search engines don't currently penalize AI-generated content, they might adjust their algorithms in the near future. Search engines put their users first, so they will adapt to make sure people get meaningful results. If that means banning AI-produced content, they will make that change. Scripted AI Detection protects you from that scenario.

Protect Yourself From Content Scams

"Content creators" could try to pass AI content as their own. Scripted AI Detection makes that nearly impossible, ensuring you only get content written by humans with experience in your industry.

You Don’t Own AI-Generated Content

Scripted’s AI detection tool also protects you from potential copyright issues. You own the content you buy on Scripted, so no one can legally reproduce it without your permission.

Perhaps this legal reality will change in the future as the U.S. Copyright Office and other governments adapt to new technologies. Right now, publishing AI-generated text puts you in a compromising position. Scripted’s AI detection tool protects you from that possibility.

Get Peace Of Mind

AI is trending, but many people — including industry experts — worry about the negative effects artificial intelligence could have on the world. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has encouraged the US government to regulate AI technology. Apple severely limits how much its employees can use AI tools on the job because it worries about data leaks.

If these major players in the tech industry worry about the harm AI could cause, it makes sense for other businesses to avoid potential issues. Scripted AI Detection gives you peace of mind by ensuring you only get content written by humans.

How Does AI Content Rank on Search Engine Results Pages?

Google recently updated its stance on AI to clarify how it ranks content. Currently, the company’s algorithms prioritize content written for humans instead of for search engines. In other words, trying too hard to manipulate the algorithms will likely result in a lower SERP, regardless of whether you use human writers or AI.

Why, then, does Scripted use an AI detection tool to flag AI-generated content?

It’s all about quality.

In our experience, even the most sophisticated algorithms can’t come close to matching the insight of a human writer who has worked in your industry. Maybe AI will catch up to professional writers at some point in the future. That isn’t the case today, though, so we use AI detection to ensure every piece of content we give you comes from a person who knows how to connect with your readers.

Want to see how these and other AI detection can make your life easier? Review Scripted Membership Plans to find an option that works for you.

AI Tools That Help Writers – And Content – Succeed

AI tools only know the information someone gives them. Think about all of the misinformation you've seen on the internet. What happens when artificial intelligence incorporates that misinformation into your content? Your brand reputation could take a major hit.

Additionally, AI can't have real-world experiences that contribute to meaningful insights. Without an AI detection tool, you will likely find yourself publishing content that only offers surface-level information. Most of your target audience already knows that information, so why bother paying for it and putting it online? You'll get better results by focusing on topics covered by people with hands-on experience in your industry.

Scripted maintains a pool of expert writers with experience working in specific industries. Some of our writers have real-world experience in areas like:

However, knowing a lot about an industry doesn’t necessarily mean everything you write will reach your target audience. Online trends change quickly, so content marketers need to keep up with what readers want to see right now. AI tools review emerging trends and give professional human writers the direction they need to produce high-ranking content that gets results.

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