Best Practices for Job Guidelines

Not sure how much information is needed for your job posting guidelines? Here is an example brief.

Content Guidelines

{company overview ] We are a luxury brand focused on Fashion, Design, and Entertainment with a connection to Italian style. For all blog posts, you should have pitched an original topic focused around the subject presented in the pitch set, with a slight connection to company X


For more information on tone and voice, please look over the powerpoint that was provided with this assignment. Overall, voice must meet the following requirements:

  •   Language should be confident, charming, and sophisticated.
  •   Use Italian words, but only when appropriate. It’s important to always make sure they are easy to understand in your own language.
  •   Friendly and approachable; Company X can be witty but not overly humorous or over familiar.
  •   Be sophisticated in an understated way. For Company X, “less is more” and this applies also to our language.

The message we’re looking for is thought leadership in the world of creativity and high-end, Italian style.


Our ideal audience is modern, sophisticated consumers. They’re typically both men and women, between the ages of 25 and 34. They’re very into the latest trends/drinks/events and have a keen sense of style, while remaining a bit less price sensitive. Think very stylish and in.


Please include links to sources used at the end of the article. NOTE: These links do not apply to the word count of the piece.

Structure / Format

The structure is open to whatever suits the post best, including sub-headers or lists.


Each article must have one image included. This image should be creative and match the spirit of Company X and the topic in the article.

For examples of images we enjoy, please look over the attached powerpoint titled “Sample Images.ppt”

All images must be Creative Commons licensed, and should be sourced from this section of Flickr:

Additionally, be sure to provide a link to the original in your article.

Things to Avoid:

Please avoid:

  •   Being boring
  •   Dry
  •   Swearing


Please include throughout the article:

  •   Financial Wellness
  •   401K
  •   expenses

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