Updates to The Scripted Topic Marketplace & More News

We’ve listened to your feedback, and have made exciting improvements to make it easier than ever before to find great topics.

A couple months ago, we launched the first version of The Scripted Topic Marketplace. The Marketplace has been a huge success, and we’ve received great feedback from customers who are excited about the ability to browse and purchase blog posts directly. We’re always looking to improve our user experience which is why we’ve made a few improvements to make it even easier to great content on The Marketplace.

First, What is The Scripted Topic Marketplace?

The Scripted Topic Marketplace is a place where content marketers can browse and order blog posts pitched by Scripted Writers. Users have the opportunity to browse pitches across many verticals and purchase ones that they’d like to see turn into a blog post. Every pitch is unique, and once an idea is purchased it’s removed from the marketplace. To date, hundreds of writers have submitted their pitches to the marketplace and new ideas get posted each day.

Topic Marketplace Updates

Improved Range of Topics

Based on client demand, The Marketplace now features a wide range of topics ranging from software to travel. Simply select which topic is most interesting to your business and browse pitches available.

Improved Search

To help you find the most intriguing pitches, we’ve added a search bar to improve the overall experience. On the upper lefthand corner of your screen you can find an icon of a magnifying glass to search topics best suited for your brand.

Writer Profiles

Another exciting update we’ve made is profiling our writers. This new functionality will give people more insight into who our writers are, an opportunity to view writing samples, and their success rate with other clients. Our writers have diverse backgrounds and offer many different perspectives and talents. We’re excited to highlight the writers in our community as we continue to foster an environment of openness and transparency.

Our hope is that you find The Scripted Topic Marketplace and writer profiles helpful and reliable resources. And of course, we hope you find some amazing blog post ideas that excite you and your brand’s audience, too!

Browse The Topic Marketplace

Do you have any questions about our updates? Contact support and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.