Congrats to Percolate, Partner, on the $24M Round from Sequoia

Percolate raises $24M from Sequoia Capital to build out their content marketing platform.

James, Noah and the whole team at Percolate are some of the smartest guys we’ve met in the content marketing space. It comes as no surprise to us that they’ve been wildly successful in their short existence. Today, Percolate announced a $24M funding round from Sequoia Capital, which they will use to build out their content marketing platform. James and Noah’s vision is compelling, and reminds us a lot of Marketo, Salesforce, and other successful SaaS companies. They remain focused on solving a few core problems, and they remain focused on product.

We at share that same philosophy of focusing on one problem and building technology to solve that problem. High-quality content creation at scale is one of the biggest problems marketers face, and all of the technology at Scripted is informed by solving that problem (while scaling like a technology company, NOT like an agency). There will be a winner in the “content creation” category of content marketing, and Scripted is focused on being just that. Content creation is a global problem that is not limited to brands and high-end publishers, we will work with Percolate to solve the global problem.

We’ve seen companies attempt to solve creative, platform, analytics, curation and distribution all at once –- in part because there is a lot of money in each area of the value chain (and it’s an effective way to potentially “lock in” brand spend). However, James’ quote from the Percolate fundraising announcement really resonates with us:

“We need to build a robust enough platform to allow for … any creative input to plug into us.”

James, Noah and the folks at Percolate understand that scaling any creative business like a tech company takes a lot of time and resources, and we admire their focus.
We are really proud to be partnered with Percolate, and we’re excited to expand our business with them throughout 2014 and beyond.

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