The Benefits of The HubSpot & Scripted Integration

How HubSpot users can succeed with the help of Scripted.

At Inbound 2015, HubSpot honored Scripted as part of their announcement during HubSpot Connect which brought together a number of their integration partners. We couldn’t be more excited for our integration partnership with HubSpot and are looking forward to what the future holds. As their primary content provider, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to make content creation easier for their users.

Since we officially announced our integration partnership with HubSpot in May, we’ve had many happy marketers tap into our community of writers.

“As an inbound marketing agency with many clients, we produce a lot of content and need reliably great writing. We’ve had hit or miss experiences with freelancers and other writing services in the past. Scripted has been a huge help for our agency by delivering solid content, on time, with the best process and most intuitive platform I’ve come across,” said Winston Chenery of Rick Whittington Consulting.

There are many benefits of using Scripted if you’re a HubSpot user — especially if you’re an agency. To list a few, you can:

• Publish original content designed just for your business to your HubSpot blog.

• Receive free one-on-one training to make the most of the Scripted platform

• Take advantage of special discounts available only for HubSpot customers.

To learn more about our integration with HubSpot visit our partner page.