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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Scripted has delivered 100,000+ pieces of content to thousands of clients, including small real estate companies, mid-sized marketing agencies, and enterprise tech companies. Read these recent customer reviews of Scripted services and writers.

Customer Reviews of

Scripted has been an essential partner of ours in developing high quality health and nutrition content since the beginning. The service has saved us so much time, and allowed us to focus on core elements of our business model. We can't say enough positive things about their technology, editors, and writers.
Ted Chan, CEO
Ted Chan
CEO CareDash
CareDash logo
Scripted has been a very effective content management resource for us at Scale. Whenever we need quick turnaround and thought-provoking, quality content, it’s great to know we have Scripted at our fingertips. The interface is very user-friendly!
Adrianne Salmon, Content Development Director
Adrianne Salmon
Content Development Director Scale Solutions
Scale Solutions logo
Scripted filled in for our team in a pinch when we needed a few blog posts written quickly. The process is easy, and it’s amazing to receive publication-ready content in such a short time. We’ll be back!
Stacey Clarke, Director, PR
Stacey Clarke
Director, PR Just Drive Media
Just Drive Media logo
We've used Scripted to find writers for our needs, and it's worked for us.
Roger Huang, Growth and Marketing
Roger Huang
Growth and Marketing Springboard
Springboard logo
For small startup companies looking to boost their digital marketing efforts, Scripted is an essential tool to have. When tasked with the enormous task of building out a full-scale marketing strategy it becomes nearly impossible for one person to be able to do it all. Fortunately, we had the chance of working with a couple of excellent writers who were clearly focused on quality deliverables.
Benny Giang, Marketing Associate
Benny Giang
Marketing Associate Lightship Works
Lightship Works logo
After working with a handful of freelance writers, I decided it was time to find a more reliable solution for my written content needs. After researching several services, I landed on Scripted and I'm so happy I did. Scripted has an incredibly simple ordering platform and a great group of quality writers. I highly recommend this service!
Chase Henckendorn, Owner
Chase Henckendorn
Owner The Urban Avenue
The Urban Avenue logo
As the Chief Storytelling Officer for a very large global company, I am managing a large-scale thought leadership hub on our corporate website. We average 75,000 unique visitors to our site per month, which also means we must produce our content as quickly and as professionally as possible. The only issue is, we are a team of two. Scripted connects us with expert writers who come out of the HR and recruitment industry. The high level of knowledge and insight of the writers means I can trust them with my writing requests. Most of our assignments come back to us with little or no further editing needed. Scripted basically gives us a full team of writers at our disposal when we need them, for a fraction of the cost of hiring FTEs or freelance writers on call. The platform is incredibly easy to use which also saves us a lot of time - something we have little of because we are so busy!
Anthony Hodge, Global Content & Digital Marketing Communications Manager
Anthony Hodge
Global Content & Digital Marketing Communications Manager Randstad
Randstad logo
We have used Scripted to write several blog posts for us and they have done an outstanding job. We have simply given them a subject and a few bullet points and they have taken it from there and given us a well-researched paper that we could add to our blog and use as a white paper as well. I would recommend them highly
Dan Kovarik, Chief Operating Officer
Dan Kovarik
Chief Operating Officer Lewis Logistics
Lewis Logistics logo
Getting content for our blog used to be a long and painful task. It was always every time consuming for our team. By simply uploading our topics on Scripted, along with main ideas and a couple of references we were able to get great articles, ready to publish in less than a week!
Mathieu Laroussi, CEO and Founder
Mathieu Laroussi
CEO and Founder Guarana Technologies
Guarana Technologies logo
Through Scripted we’ve been able to greatly scale up our content production and output which has helped us create a better buyer journey for our clients. We have so much knowledge and insights within our organization that it was nearly impossible before to prepare multiple articles a week. Scripted’s writers have been amazing in grasping our unique concepts and delivering excellent content that require no in-house editing from us.
Nicole DeAndres, Global Content & Social Media Manager
Nicole DeAndres
Global Content & Social Media Manager Universum
Universum logo
We utilize Scripted for their great flexibility in hiring and choosing writers to write quality content for a fair price. The writers and staff are responsive, friendly, and excellent at what they do. Scripted makes sure that each piece of content is up to our standards and they're always looking for new ways to improve the overall experience for the end user.
Vikky Mach
Marketing Coordinator MatchCraft
MatchCraft logo
The writing scripted composed for my website was excellent. The subject that the writer undertookfor me was very accurate and professionally completed. I was so pleased with the text, that I havenow used it on the landing page of my website,
Cliff Blaylock, Owner
Cliff Blaylock
Owner Deep Blue Yachting
Deep Blue Yachting logo
We needed a long blog post for one of our clients with a tight deadline, and after quite a bit ofonline research, we decided to give Scripted a chance based on reviews and the process of submittinga request for work. To say we were delighted with the work is an understatement. Not only was the blogpost completed earlier than promised but the quality of the writing was spot on. Recommending Scriptedis about the easiest thing I will have to do this year, hands down.
Jan Roessner, Managing Director
Jan Roessner
Managing Director Sagency
Sagency logo
At Target Public Marketing we manage marketing campaigns for clients in North America, Europe and Africa,in a myriad of industries. We've utilized for writing that required expertise in a specificfield with fast turnaround. Scripted has made both of these possible with a great user interface and orderprocess as well. We deliver quality content for our client's blogs. Our writer Elizabeth T. has deliveredprompt, excellent articles that have gone on to receive kudos from not just our client, but their customers!
Mike Imken, Director of Production
Mike Imken
Director of Production Target Public Marketing
Target Public Marketing logo
With our busy work schedules, we're so glad to be using Scripted for generating quality content quickly!We just send in our topics, along with key points and keywords and they always provide a great piece ofwriting to share on our blog. All their writers are very professional and so easy to work with that we arealways extremely happy with the end results.
Miriam Couturie, Marketing Manager
Miriam Couturie
Marketing Manager Ins'TenT Industries
Ins'TenT Industries logo
Scripted allows us to elastically scale our content marketing team to fit our immediate needs. When we'rein need of a piece of content but don't have the resources to craft it ourselves, the industry experts onScripted do the research and writing as if they were part of our team. I would definitely recommendtrying them out!
Dan Ahmadi, Director, Digital Marketing
Dan Ahmadi
Director, Digital Marketing Meteor
Meteor logo
Scripted is ideal for companies who are looking to grow their thought leadership program but are not yetready to hire full time writers. With their easy to use web application, I can specify the content I need,select a writer based on my preferences and have the ability to submit my comments and edits online.Scripted’s group of experienced writers who specialize in a wide range of topics and industries ensures Iwill consistently receive the highest quality content from the best writer for the job.
Carlyn Manly
Director of Marketing Skedulo
Skedulo logo
Scripted has been the perfect solution and partner for our done-for-you content model. I 100% trust that theScripted team is going to knock our client's posts out of the park, and they have been the outsourced writingvendor I've recommended countless times to clients in my own consulting practice. I couldn't be happier withthe results!
Jonathan Ronzio
Founder Content Jelly
Content Jelly logo
Once we engaged with Scripted the quality of our content has dramatically improved. Their offerings trulymake Scripted feel as though they are a part of our marketing team. Typically the first draft we receivefrom Scripted is much better than we expected which only proves that their writers are top notch.
Gary Galvin
President Galvin Tech
Galvin Tech logo
I love working with Scripted! It's like having an entire writing staff for a fraction of the cost. They havegreat wealth of quality writers and the content is always on time, right when I need it.
Jeremy Fleischer
Digital Producer FDS Law
FDS Law logo
Scripted has been an essential resource as we scale our content efforts. The interface is super easy to navigate,and their team has provided great support and partnership!
Jamie Nichol, Head of Community
Jamie Nichol
Head of Community CultureIQ
CultureIQ logo
I've used many different blog writing services, and Scripted is by far the best platform. Everybody is greatto work with from sales rep to writer. All of my content is quality, and there are so many features in placeto ensure you get the content you are looking for. The platform is very innovative and user friendly. My favoritefeature is still the topic marketplace. It's great when I need a blog in a pinch, and don't have a topic in mind.I'm excited to use the new select a writer feature they have added. I've been a customer for over a year now, andit just keeps getting better.
Melissa Hedge
Marketing Manager Contegix
Contegix logo
We tried using other sources, but Scripted delivered us the highest quality content. The turn around time exceeded my expectations and I was happy with the price point. They helped us build our awesome explainer video , and I would highly recommend them
Gabriel Moncayo, CEO
Gabriel Moncayo
CEO AlwaysHired
AlwaysHired logo
We've been using Scripted for over a year and have had a great experience! Our dedicated account manageris extremely responsive and the Scripted service is timely and reliable.
Kasey Fuscoe, Content Manager
Kasey Fuscoe
Content Manager GoSpotCheck
GoSpotCheck logo
Scripted allows us to fill in the gaps in our online content. Instead of hunting for hours for theideal writer, we post and wait. Within minutes, we have a handful of candidates. It’s a time saverwhen you are expanding into new subject matter, like we often do.
Aldo Parise
Editor-in-chief Quench Magazine
Quench Magazine logo
The simplicity of Scripted makes content marketing easy, and the quality of deliverables for the specificneeds we have has been excellent. I am very happy that we found Scripted as a resource we can rely on for our marketing needs.
Director of Marketing & Communications
Charlie Riley Lawley
Lawley logo
We love the Scripted platform and our team uses it daily to serve the content needs of our many clients acrossdiverse industries. As a leading inbound marketing and outdoor advertising agency, quality work output andefficiency are so critical. Our experience with Scripted gives us the the confidence that we can scale ourcontent without limit!
Nick Simard, CMO
Nick Simard
CMO InspiriaMedia
InspiriaMedia logo
I have been more than happy with the high quality of articles and blogs coming from the writers at Scripted.The writing is exceptional and professional. I have not had to do much editing, if any, or asked for re-writes.An added plus is that the website is extremely easy navigate and logical in the type of information that thewriter needs to effectively create a blog or article.
Janis Peiser, Director of Marketing
Janis Peiser
Director of Marketing GPPCA
GPPCA logo is playing a crucial role in our global content marketing campaigns. Without their writers’ skills,knowledge and enthusiasm it simply wouldn’t have been possible to feed our campaigns and nurture streams. In alittle over a year, and from a standing start, the banners advertising the 400+ pieces Scripted’s writers havewritten are seen by more than 2 million relevant people every month. The more we work with them, the better theirunderstanding of our needs and our customers’ challenges becomes, so we’re confident we can achieve even more together.
Dave McAughtrie
Head of Content Marketing Unit4
Unit4 logo
Working with Scripted has really helped our agency to produce the large volume of high quality content needed to serve our growing client base. What has set Scripted apart from other content creation services is the customer service they provide and the quality of writers.
Kathleen Booth, CEO
Kathleen Booth
CEO Quintain Marketing
Quintain Marketing logo
As someone who relies on posting lots of great content for my lifestyle platform, Scripted couldn’t be a moreperfect partner! Their services allow me to get all of the latest recommendations and news up on my site easilyand without having to manage my own team! I couldn’t progress so well without them!
Stevie Benanty
Founder a conversation
a conversation logo
The platform is user-friendly, and managing my content pieces has never been easier!. I've worked with several other vendors that require weekly meetings to review content, and a hefty initial deposit that keeps you locked in to their platform. I'm so pleased with the pricing options from Scripted, and I love the interface to manage my workflow! I've saved so much time and money working with Scripted.
Yvonne Pang
Project Manager, Marketing & Social Media LoanMe
LoanMe logo
I liked that I could chat with my chosen writer. She truly understood who I am and put it into words. Her turn around time was quicker than she said and my project is completed!
Barbara Johnson, Founder
Barbara Johnson
Founder BJK9s, INC.
BJK9s, INC. logo
Scripted is seamless. It’s really a simple process
Bernard Huang
Growth Hacker 42 Floors
42 Floors logo
Scripted has been a tremendous partner and has added value to our business in helping us craftinsider descriptions of cities and neighborhoods. This level of transparency has been invaluableto our customers.
John Kobs, CEO
John Kobs
CEO ApartmentList
ApartmentList logo
Scripted has been a wonderful resource for original content across many topics. They are effective at pitching new ideas or taking raw thoughts and building them into well crafted masterpieces of content.
Koka Sexton, Sr. Social Marketing Manager
Koka Sexton
Sr. Social Marketing Manager LinkedIn
LinkedIn logo
I really appreciate all that you’ve done. I have to commend your company’s customer service. It’son par with HubSpot and that’s quite a feat for a small company!
Michelle Genser, Senior Director, Communications and Analyst Relations
Michelle Genser
Senior Director, Communications and Analyst Relations Savo
Savo logo
The team at Scripted has been amazing to work with. Scripted has allowed us to fill needs in key areaswhere we were lacking content. The quality of the writers are amazing and the end products have drivenup our engagement rates with our followers.
David Hsu
Digital Project Manager L’Oréal
L’Oréal logo
We worked with some great writers who knew the in’s and out’s of the design world. Scripted does really great work.
Zack Onisko, Head of Growth & Marketing
Zack Onisko
Head of Growth & Marketing CreativeMarket
CreativeMarket logo
Scripted gives me the resources I need to be successful. I can count on my projects with Scripted to beon time, on budget and the quality we demand. Their writers really are an extension of my team.
Bo Bandy, Marketing Communications Manager
Bo Bandy
Marketing Communications Manager ReadyTalk
ReadyTalk logo
Our account need was for a dramatic quantity of high-quality content, written for a sophisticated medicalaudience, yet simultaneously consumer-friendly. That's not an easy task. We were lucky to have been matchedwith Scripted, whose adherence to quality exactly matched our needs. The process was seamless, the accountmanagement was peerless and they delivered on-time and on-budget to boot. If content is important to your business,then Scripted is a great service.
Jerry Gulley, VP of Content Services
Jerry Gulley
VP of Content Services Healthline Networks
Healthline Networks logo
I am incredibly happy with the quality of the content and the ordering process was simple and straightforward. We are working this piece into a downloadable guide for our customers (cover page image below) and if this goes well as a content marketing piece, we'll be back for more.
Josh Cary, eCommerce Director
Josh Cary
eCommerce Director All Things Barbecue
All Things Barbecue logo
My first time with Scripted and enjoyed the ease of use as well as the time it saved me. Scripted is in itself a great time hack for busy entrepreneurs. Thank you!
Pivot Life Insurance
Pivot Life Insurance logo
Scripted has been a lifesaver for our business! We tried other services but the quality of writing and customer support was not dependable. We also tried managing freelance writers directly, but it's very difficult to scale that approach. So, we were skeptical when we first tried Scripted, but they have proven to have terrific writers, a very intuitive platform, and excellent customer support. We'd like to keep them our little secret but also want them to succeed so we can keep using them as our business grows.
Todd Kutcher
Todd Kutcher
Service Corporation International
Service Corporation International logo