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Solid content marketing doesn't stop after posting. Let our team help you come up with a solid content publishing and repurposing plan.

Have you got an effective content strategy? Have you carefully documented it and shared it with all relevant stakeholders? That's great, but your work isn't finished. Now it's time to think about the best ways to go about publishing and promoting your content so that it can do the most to grow your business.

Scripted is a one-stop shop content marketing solution that understands how to connect your business to its target audience via effective, timely publication and promotion of the awesome content we can help you create.

Challenges of Publishing & Promoting

Struggling to figure out the intricacies of bringing a stellar content strategy to life? You're not alone. Here are some of the challenges facing content marketers and business owners today.

Time Constraints

Finding the time to promote your content takes a great deal of dedication, organization, and effort. With hundreds of other business-related tasks that need to be done, publishing and promoting your content might not always be at the top of your priorities list no matter how important you know it is.

Audience Dispersion

To be successful, content has to be published at the perfect time when it's able to reach your target audience. It also needs to be promoted in the right places in order to make an impact on the people that you want to attract to your website. Remember: There are hundreds of channels and methods you can use, but not all of them are a great match for your audience.

Lack of Consistency

Maybe you find a spare ten minutes to promote your latest blog post on your Facebook page. Or, perhaps you think of a caption while sipping on your morning. Sound familiar? Most businesses don't have resources to keep an editorial calendar, but a lack of consistency will put a major damper on your results and make it harder to build and maintain a loyal following.

Challenges of Publishing & Promoting

Struggling to figure out the intricacies of bringing a stellar content strategy to life? You're not alone. Here are some of the challenges facing content marketers and business owners today.

You Won't Get Noticed by Accident

There are at least 70 million blogs active, and that’s only according to a single blog provider, WordPress. Standing out amongst so much content means investing in high-quality writers and then consistently promoting it to make sure it gets seen. Over time, content marketing will help your rankings improve, which means your site will start to see organic traffic trickle in on autopilot.

Great Content Takes Time

On average, it takes four hours to craft an insightful blog that delivers meaningful content to your target audience. Of course, it can take even longer if the person creating content is doing it on the side or without a lot of experience. Scripted’s expert writers can produce quality content quickly that helps you achieve your business goals, and help you publish it at the right time and on the right platforms to get the biggest impact.

Readability Needs To Be A Priority

A wall of text is difficult to digest, especially for readers on mobile devices like smartphones. Breaking your blogs and articles up with images can get them shared twice as much as those without images. Scripted’s writers know how to source appropriate images and format them to your needs and they can even suggest copy for infographics and charts.

The Right Platform Matters

If you’re not sure where to post content, just post it everywhere, right? Unfortunately, this strategy rarely works and will end up wasting precious resources. Statista shows that B2B marketers are using LinkedIn almost as much as Facebook, but only 53% of B2C marketers use LinkedIn, as their target audience is rarely present here. Meanwhile, only 15% of B2B content goes to TikTok, and only 3% appears on Snapchat.

Choosing where to publish and share your content can be just as important as deciding on when and how often. Scripted’s publication and promotion experts will research current trends, helping you focus on the channels where you will get the highest return.

Get More Out of Your Content

Maximizing your content ROI means routinely and strategically promoting and repurposing your content. Let our team help you come up with a plan that drives results.

Key Benefits of Following a Content Strategy

After putting in all the hard work to develop a strategy, create gorgeously crafted content, and publish it to your blog, it’d be a shame to let your high-caliber writing simply fade into oblivion. Unfortunately, this is the reality for countless businesses. The good news: It doesn't have to be this way. Scripted offers a range of services that allow you to maximize your time, optimize your content strategy, and boost your bottom line. By following a digital marketing strategy, you can:


Market to the Right People

Discovering the social media platforms your audience and ideal customers hang out at online is tricky, no matter how defined your customer personas are. There are at least 1.13 billion websites in the world, plus an ever-expanding range of new sites. Your clients and potential customers can easily get lost in this maze of virtually never-ending content, and it’s your job to get in front of them wherever they tend to be.

Scripted can help you navigate the complexities of publishing and promoting content so that you always guide your target audience to the blogs, articles, and content they want to see the most.

Extend Your Content's Lifespan

Many businesses post their blog posts or articles, sit back, and wait for those clicks and conversions come in. Yet nothing happens. Unfortunately, less than 10% of all posts earn traffic directly from search engines. In 2023, posting and forgetting simply won't cut it.

Successfully expanding your content and getting in front of as many of the right people as possible starts the moment you publish. This means figuring out the best times of day to publish, investing in evergreen content that will keep external links coming in week after week, and giving old articles an SEO refresh to extend your content’s lifespan.

Scripted’s team can take over the significant time and effort required to manage all of these tasks, allowing you to keep your content relevant for longer.


Repurpose Existing Content

Did you know you can significantly increase the life of your content by repurposing it? Repurposing simply means using some or all components from your existing content and turning them into a different type of content that you can share on new platforms.

Let's say you have a blog post about content marketing trends that features statistics, case studies, and suggestions. You can turn each section into a massive amount of new content. For example, why not turn the stats section into fun infographics to post on social media? Alternatively, you could create an informative video on the upcoming trends for your Youtube channel.

Talk to a member of the Scripted team about your existing content and we’ll help you find ways to refresh and repurpose it to boost your traffic.

How Scripted Can Help

How are we so good at what we do? Because we love everything to do with content creation! That includes regularly indulging in some heavy research around what’s hot and what’s not in the world on content promotion and publication. So, we understand the numerous challenges involved with scheduling, publishing, and promoting your content to the right audience at the right time. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help plan, create, and publish content on the platforms your audience loves the most.

Connect With Industry Experts

Content creation is so much easier when you have a subject matter expert on hand. Our writers’ and editors’ experience goes beyond piecing together information and spotting typos. Our team represents the top 2% of talent and they are experts at what they do. Plus, we make working with them super easy thanks to our project management system.

Our easy-to-use templates allow you to set specific guidelines on everything from headings to internal links, and you can also select various content formats and content types to meet your needs. From there, just define your call to action (CTA) and our writers will combine your instructions with their industry expertise to craft content that’s ready for publication and promotion right away.

Expand Your Content Library

You have a great blog, but have you considered the other avenues for reaching potential leads and increasing website traffic?

Podcasts are rising in popularity and are a great way to position yourself or your CEO as an expert in your field. Step-by-step guides to your products improve the overall user experience of your customers and boost brand awareness. Carefully crafted emails could increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter. Simple yet effective social media postsincrease the diversity of your engagement.

No matter what you’re thinking about producing, Scripted’s writers can deliver this high-quality content for you while our publication and promotion team supports you in getting every piece of content in front of the right people.

Focus on Your Content Goals

Scripted knows that you want to use content to drive progress toward core business goals. That’s why our team will talk to you about what you want to gain from investing in content marketing and the expected benefits of utilizing our content publishing tools.

Based on your needs, our publication and promotion experts can help you use your own content to start driving results or assist you in creating brand-new content with the help of our team.

Measure Your Performance

By reporting on metrics such as click-through rate and conversion rate, you can rest assured that your content strategy is working for you.

As an end-to-end content marketing solution dedicated to helping businesses create content that connects them to their target audience, we can help you establish and track the right key performance indicators (KPIs) for your content publishing strategy.

Work With A Dedicated Account Manager

On our Enterprises plan, you unlock access to a dedicated account manager who will act as the liaison between your team and our content publishing and promotion experts. By working with a single point of contact, your in-house marketing or SEO specialists can easily say on the same page with what your partners at Scripted are working on.

How Scripted Can Help with Publishing & Promotion

Publishing optimized, relevant content isn’t enough. A well-rounded content marketing workflow should help you oversee when, where, and how you plan to share, promote, and repurpose your digital content across platforms. The thing is, creating and executing a content publishing strategy can end up taking hours away from your team.If you want to eliminate guesswork and get on the path to a content marketing plan that drives results, let Scripted help. With our team of experts, your business can start seeing the results of an organized, intentional content strategy without any of the headaches of trying to do it in-house.

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