Paraphrasing Policy

We take all forms of plagiarism very seriously, including unattributed paraphrasing. Please see our brief rules and best practices below.


  • Cite statistics, studies and borrowed ideas (using MLA, ACS or OWL).
  • Don’t copy the structure or headings of another piece.
  • Use and cite multiple sources when possible.
  • Don’t reword sentences from another piece line by line.
  • When relying on sources, provide original insight.

Best Practices

  • Don’t use a plagiarism checker. If your piece is original, plagiarism shouldn’t be a concern.
  • Don’t tab back and forth between your writing and a source. Set aside all sources while writing.
  • Do not reference a single source in more than 20-30% of your piece.
  • Unless you’re writing a response piece, don’t pitch a topic that you know is already covered by a single source.