What Is Adwords? | Glossary

AdWords is the former name of the service now called Google Ads. AdWords lets businesses create PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements that appear at the top of Google search results. Google Ads chooses advertisements that have relevance to a person’s search. For example, someone searching for “cars for sale” would see three ad results related to cars for sale.

Google Ads (AdWords) uses an auction-based system to determine which advertisers get to use certain keywords. Only advertisers that win auctions get to use the keywords they choose.

Google auction system can make the most desirable keywords quite expensive. In 2020, advertisers could expect to spend about $59 on “business services,” $58.50 on “bail bonds,” and $55 on “lawyer.” At first, these keywords might not seem very expensive. Since advertisers have to pay every time someone clicks on their ads, though, campaign prices grow quickly. Consider what happens when 10,000 people click on a “business services” PPC ad. The company has to pay Google about $59,000. Since you don’t know how many people will click on the ad, you don’t know how much a campaign will cost until it ends.

Why do advertisers use Google Ads when they don’t even know how much their campaigns will cost? Some advantages of using Ads/AdWords include:

  • Priority placements at the top of search results pages.
  • Google’s reliable method of choosing ads that will interest users.
  • It gives advertisers a fast way to connect with consumers.

As long as the ads increase conversions enough, it makes sense for some companies to use AdWords. With so much money at stake, though, companies need expertly written content that appeals to consumers and convinces them to spend money. The last thing that companies want are people clicking on expensive ads without buying products and services.

Scripted can connect you with professional writers who have experience writing PPC ads. Depending on your campaign strategy, you might want to hire advertising writers to craft your PPC ads. You can then have B2c writers create landing pages with convincing messages that increase lead generation and conversions.

You can’t take any risks with your AdWords campaign, so make sure you hire an expert to write your content.

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