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Lauren C

Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Lauren is a fantastic, fast and sometimes furious writer who specialises in pets, wildlife and veganism, although regularly tackles all sorts of topics. She has been writing professionally since 2010, since graduating with a BA in English literature and a postgraduate diploma ...

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Michelle D

Fletcher, North Carolina, United States

A former journalist, Michelle is a high school English teacher with more than 20 years professional writing experience. Although she is skilled at writing about most topics, her expertise is in entertainment (especially popular music) and education writing.

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Amanda A Last online 6 days

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

I am full-time teacher and part-time writer. I have a Master of Science in Education (University of Pennsylvania) as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English and Economics (Rutgers University). I also have 4 years of experience working in Editorial at academic and higher educatio...

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Christine M

Green, Ohio, United States

Christine has been writing professionally for more than ten years. She has written more than 1,500 online articles for a number of satisfied clients. Christine has a reputation for writing well-researched, meticulously sourced articles that inspire confidence in readers, ensur...

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5 simple ways to improve parent-teacher relationships

The parent-teacher relationship isn't always a seamless one. Still, there are some things that parents can do or take into consideration that can actually help bridge the gap between them and their child's teacher. Here are a few tips on how to go about it. 1. Remember that teachers care about your child, too With 33 years of experience under her belt, retired elementary school teacher Carol Rigutto says that the best thing a parent can do to contribute to a friendly parent-teacher relationship is to remember that the child is the priority for both of you. It's important for... Read More

Vocabulary Acquisition Strategies: What Will Work in Your Classroom

One of the biggest struggles in every classroom is making sure students have the appropriate vocabulary skills to succeed with both general and content-specific tasks. If a child knows and understands the concepts of mass, gravity, and acceleration, but doesn't understand what the words "compare" or "contrast" mean, they won't be able to tackle questions that gauge their understanding of these topics.

Vocabulary acquisition strategies are useful across content areas, and help students build deep, meaningful learning structures whereby they can learn, utilize, and even play with new terms. An LMS can be a vital tool in your classroom for... Read More

Focus on our kids’ strengths, not their weaknesses

My wish for schools is that administrators and teachers focus on individual children's strengths and not their weakness. As an example, let's look at high school athletes. Say the Department of Education set a minimum requirement that to play any sport you must be able to swim a hundred yards. For one athlete who already knows how to swim, this is reasonable. For another, it simply takes a little practice. But for a third student, who may not know how to swim, it becomes an obstacle that discourages the athlete from pursing any sport. This is the case with our... Read More

Theoretical Perspective on Behaviorism and What an Effective Teacher Understands

Effective teachers understand that best practices are rooted in the ability to apply theoretical principles into both their daily interaction with students and into their planning and implementation of instruction. Behaviorism is a form of learning theory that offers specific assistance to teachers in developing instructional strategies. However, it also has limitations that make it impractical to use in some situations. Effective teachers understand that no one theory explains all student learning. History of Behaviorism Behaviorism is one of the oldest forms of learning theory and is based on the assumption that the only scientific way of studying human psychology... Read More

My Role as a Swim Teacher

MY ROLE AS A SWIM TEACHER The renowned child development specialist Jean Piaget once wryly observed, "When you teach a child something you take away forever his chance of discovering it for himself." [1] If that's true, then what is my role as a swim teacher? That's a hard question to answer. Luckily, we have help. Marie Montessori, another brilliant child educator, broke the role of the teacher down into three key steps: 1) prepare the classroom and provide a sense of order, 2) encourage independence, and 3) free the child to test her abilities within limits. [2] Let's apply... Read More

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