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Tiffany strives to be a bowling ball crashing against the ping-pong paddles of consumer indifference. When writing for her clients, she considers everything – from the aesthetic of the typography, to the reverberation of the right word, to the weight of a well-crafted line. Sh...

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Brooke H Last online 2 days

Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Brooke Harris is a freelance writer and writing instructor living in Lexington, KY. She loves to help people communicate their vision and has written several blog posts and content for corporate and non-profit organizations.

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Elizabeth T Last online 3 days

Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States

Elizabeth Trach is a professional writer with experience writing online catalog copy, video scripts, press releases, landing pages for home decor and construction company websites, and how-to articles on dozens of fresh DIY topics. She is an expert blogger with a knack for bre...

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A Brief History of Japan's Body Art Culture

Japanese style tattoos have a distinct style that is reminiscent of the culture's artistic history. So why, when tattoos are becoming more acceptable in the West, does Japan continue to urge tattooed patrons to cover up their artwork?

The earliest record of Japanese tattooing is from the Jomon Period (1000-300 B.C.) Here, the pottery was found with paintings of figures who appeared to have body markings. The first written record came in 297 AD, in a compilation of Chinese history. In China at the time, tattoos were seen as barbaric and often written about in a negative context. This view... Read More

How to Spool Knit

Knitting spools, also known as knitting Nancys, have been around for centuries. This form of knitting is unlike usual knitting, which uses two needles. Instead, a special tool is used to create knitted cord, which can then be formed into other items--ranging from rugs to more intricate designs. Learning how to spool knit is easy, especially if you are familiar with other knitting and crocheting techniques, and it can be a fun project to do with your children.

Hold the spool knitter in your left hand, or your right hand if you're a lefty. Take the yarn and loop it... Read More

To Lexington, With Love: Meet the Kroger Muralists

In a community of multicolored houses, graffiti art and home to one of the largest outside art festivals in the country, it seems only fitting that the Euclid Ave. Kroger be artfully adorned too. Now the supermarket can match its neighborhood aesthetics with three large-scale murals. Along with the guidance of LexArts, Kroger spent $45,000 for local artists to paint three murals for its newly-renovated store. LexArts helped Kroger select three local artists from over 50 applications and also provided studio space and supply partnerships to make the creations possible. Meet the artists for this unique project: John Lackey John... Read More

Have You Seen Molly?

Both the subject of controversy and rave music reviews, the dynamic new single from DJ and producer Cedric Gervais has garnered attention nationally & internationally. But what you may not have known about this Marseilles-born artist, is that he has been captivating crowds for the past few years within the Miami EDM scene. Gervais has dominated residencies at some of the most popular clubs, including LIV, Crobar (now known as Cameo), Nikki Beach, and the Space Terrace. Saturday, April 28th Shy Magazine got backstage glimpse of this booming event in Miami. Gervais' official music video release party was held at... Read More

Sustainable Fashion Inspired by the Weaving Villages in Vietnam

One of the main reasons visitors go to Vietnam is to experience the many handicraft villages that are run by skillful artisans. These villages' areas of expertise can range from pottery making to wood carving, from embroidery to folklore painting to weaving. There are approximately 2,000 of these craft villages, some of which have managed to maintain their traditional techniques throughout the ages. To these groups of people, handicrafts offer the opportunity to maintain and preserve their cultural heritage, and they also provide jobs, which is imperative in a country where the ethnic minority population is stricken with poverty; over... Read More

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