The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide: The Do’s, Don’ts, Micro-Influencers, and Top Platforms for Business


When Gary Vaynerchuk talks, people listen – in fact, at least half the planet with access to the internet listens. In more than one recent keynote, Gary Vaynerchuk has called influencer marketing one of the two most important forms of persuasion in all of digital marketing, Facebook ads being the other. “I truly believe that it’s … Read more

The Ultimate Content Marketing Guide: 20 Actionable Tips From The Experts

Digital technology has transformed how people communicate, and it has impacted every aspect of the relationship between consumers and the businesses they patronize. Traditional advertising campaigns that rely on a few attractive images and a list of product benefits simply don’t work anymore. Consumers are paying less attention to the endless barrage of banner and … Read more

Content Marketing: Why Are My Social Shares Dropping?

social media shares dropping

Generating social media buzz is an important part of your content marketing strategy. After all, what good is your content if only a handful of people ever see it? But keeping that buzz going can be difficult. If you’ve noticed your number of social shares dropping, you’re not alone. Here’s why it’s happening and what … Read more

So You Want to Be an Inbound Marketer?

inbound marketing job

There are two types of marketing to consider: inbound marketing and outbound marketing. The two are different – and when it comes to crafting your marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the purpose of each and how they can fit into your larger, overall marketing strategy. Later we will also list some additional resources and … Read more

Why Should I Use Inbound Marketing? The Data Behind Inbound Success

why use inbound marketing

So, you have a pretty good idea of what inbound marketing is. And, now that you have a grasp on how it works, you may be ready to tackle it for your company. However, how can you know that the investment into an inbound marketing effort will be worth it? One of the most effective … Read more

What Does The New Facebook Algorithm Update Mean?

On January 11, 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement set to rock how publishers utilize Facebook’s News Feed feature. While the changes are planned to take effect over the next year, they stand to make some serious changes for publishers. Publishers have a legitimate reason to be more than anxious and even upset. … Read more

How Not to Use Your Company Social Channels

social media icons

Social media platforms give businesses opportunities to recruit new customers, stay connected with existing customers and build influential brands. Unfortunately, a lot of companies make serious mistakes when they try to develop social media campaigns. Make sure your company doesn’t fall prey to these common mistakes. They could stunt the business’s growth and tarnish your … Read more

When is Paid Promotion Right For Content?

paid content promotion

Bloggers and content marketers often rely on engaging articles, infographics and other types of content to attract audiences. Ideally, people like the content so much that they share it with their friends, family members, and co-workers. In some cases, though, you have to do more than introduce brilliant content to the Internet. You may have … Read more

Scripted Presents: Content Marketing Horror Stories

content marketing horror stories

Unless you’ve been trapped in an underground vault with the CryptKeeper circa 1992, you’ve probably heard that content is king. But like any powerful tool, content can be used for both good and evil. The really scary thing is that sometimes, even the most well-intentioned campaigns can land with a nightmarish thud. Content Marketing Gone Bad … Read more

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

facebook, linkedin, twitter

If you are the digital marketer for your small business, you know that optimized content marketing is the name of the game in today’s marketing landscape. However, there are so many kinds of businesses, social media platforms and styles of content that it can feel like a whirlwind getting started. So what’s a marketer to do? This course in Scripted’s digital marketing course is all about social media tips for small businesses.

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