Hiring Freelance Writers: The Keys to Successful Writing Assignments (Advice From Scripted Writers)

Here at Scripted we bring together business owners and individuals in need of quality content with professional freelance writers. Unfortunately, many people have little or no experience hiring freelance writers. So we asked our writers to tell us what they think is the most important factor for a successful assignment and what clients should and … Read more

Scripted Writer Mark T. on Freelance Writing, Data Science, and Being a Magician with Words


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So You Want to Hire a Ghostwriter?

hire a ghostwriter

You want to hire a ghostwriter, but where do you begin? Since this is what we do, we thought we could pass on some valuable advice on the how, why, and what-have-yous of the ghostwriter and client relationship. Hiring a ghostwriter is a great way to take advantage of someone else’s professional writing skills and … Read more

Tips For Better Communication Between Writers and Clients

writer client relationship

Nothing ruins a project like bad communication. You can end up missing deadlines, delivering content that completely misses the mark, or failing to give enough details to ensure a successful outcome. Both writers and clients can be guilty of communication pitfalls. The best way to avoid the problem is to be aware of the ways … Read more

Life as a Freelance Writer: Developing Your Personal Brand

hiring freelance writers

Whether you always knew you would be a writer or you recently realized you have in-demand skills, getting started in freelance writing is an exciting adventure – but it does come with challenges. Building a portfolio, engaging clients and managing the financial side of things takes an entirely separate skillset. Platforms like Scripted ease the … Read more