Closing the loop: Scripted Analytics and the ROI of Content Marketing

  Marketing has been around for a long time. There’s evidence of commercial and political campaigns etched into the ruins of Pompeii (and probably examples even older than that!). But performance marketing is a fairly recent phenomenon. The premise is simple: For every dollar you…

Marketplace for Writers

May Features Update

Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce a few new features that will make your Scripted experience much easier: Communicating with writers. You can now call and message your writers — even before you have an active job! Why do we allow this? Because you…

Lead Dyno

Announcing Our Affiliate Marketing Program

Ever since we launched Scripted, way back in 2011, consultants, customers, and even friends have asked if we had an affiliate program that they could join. At the time, we did not. For those who are new to affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing programs, the…

Frustrated Businessman

Scripted Referrer Spam Update

It’s been a frustrating few weeks at Scripted’s marketing department as someone has impersonated and sent fake referral traffic to hundreds of websites.


Meeting the Content Marketing Challenge Together

Writing is hard. Even the most famous writers will tell you that. However, in today’s world of business, the written word is more important than ever. It creates brand awareness, offers a chance to establish thought-leadership, builds customer relationships and much more.