Benchmarking and Evaluating Success

With the ubiquity of measurement and analytics tools, there’s no question that marketers are increasingly pressured to be results-oriented. Gone are the Mad Men days of lofty brand awareness campaigns (and whiskey before lunch), as “Performance Marketers” usher in an era of marketing analytics and ROI. In this era, we can actually be more effective … Read more

Blog Hosting Best Practices

Many of the blog hosting best practices are covered out of the box by a content management system like WordPress or Scripted’s Blog Hosting service. But every implementation is different, so it’s worth running through the checklist below to cross our t’s and dot our i’s! Page Speed and Mobile Optimization Exercise While there are … Read more

Need Keyword Ideas? Keyword Planning and Keyword Research Tips for Endless Idea Generation

Keyword Planning

Keyword planning offers a pragmatic framework for segmenting and understanding the intent of potential customers. Every day, new potential customers search the internet for keywords directly or tangentially related to your business. It may sound like a lot of work, but with the right tools, keyword planning is much easier than you think. Before we … Read more