Benchmarking and Evaluating Success

With the ubiquity of measurement and analytics tools, there’s no question that marketers are increasingly pressured to be results-oriented. Gone are the Mad Men days of lofty brand awareness campaigns (and whiskey before lunch), as “Performance Marketers” usher in an era of marketing analytics and ROI. In this era, we can actually be more effective … Read more

Blog Hosting Best Practices

Many of the blog hosting best practices are covered out of the box by a content management system like WordPress or Scripted’s Blog Hosting service. But every implementation is different, so it’s worth running through the checklist below to cross our t’s and dot our i’s! Page Speed and Mobile Optimization Exercise While there are … Read more

Managing Revisions for Maximum Output

When working with your writer(s), just like providing guidelines, it’s important to give clear and specific feedback when requesting revisions on a draft. High-level Feedback First, be sure to read through the draft in its entirety and see what you think overall. Are there any recurring issues coming up that you could address with a … Read more

Creating Guidelines for Amazing Content

Guidelines provide clear direction to writers. Sharing clear and specific guidelines is absolutely critical for getting back great content. They are also important in minimizing the back and forth in the revisions process, saving you valuable time and enabling you to publish even more great content. General Guidelines for All Your Content Here are some … Read more

Why Setting a Content Calendar is So Important

Content Calendar

Frankly, your success will be defined by your content cadence. We love stories of wit, skill and strength beating odds, but the reality is that success in life is largely determined by perseverance, and the same applies to content marketing. Why is Content Cadence Important? If you blog every day, you will succeed at content … Read more

Low-hanging Keywords and Quick Wins

Low Hanging Keywords

Often, your site will already be ranking for some keywords that you didn’t know about. Now that you have verified ownership of your site on Google Search Console, you can see which keywords are bringing traffic to your site, the volume of that traffic, your position for those keywords, and more. Low-hanging Keywords To see … Read more

Metrics: What Gets Measured Gets Managed

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Now that you have determined your directional goal and done some keyword research, you also know the metrics you need to measure, from the table of goals and metrics. As an example, if your goal is Growth & Awareness, the primary metric you want to measure is organic search traffic, which will show whether your … Read more