The 5 Best WordPress Email Plugins (Forget the rest!)


As a content marketer, you want to make sure you are spending your marketing dollars and time as effectively as possible. Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways you reach your audience and make money. Email makes money. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return … Read more

How Not to Use Your Company Social Channels

social media icons

Social media platforms give businesses opportunities to recruit new customers, stay connected with existing customers and build influential brands. Unfortunately, a lot of companies make serious mistakes when they try to develop social media campaigns. Make sure your company doesn’t fall prey to these common mistakes. They could stunt the business’s growth and tarnish your … Read more

Creating a Content Marketing Routine

Most successful people around the world credit persistence and their daily morning routines for their success. Very often, though, we can get hung up on the end goal, which can distract us from doing things that can get us there. These principles apply to content marketing, too. It’s easy to focus on the traffic volumes … Read more

A New Frontier: Marketing and Virtual Reality

virtual reality and marketing

According to Forbes, global brands are increasingly using virtual reality for everything from brand storytelling to selling products. For consumers, virtual reality offers a chance to actively engage with a brand, and to get a taste for next-generation technology in the process. How Brands Are Using Virtual Reality to Create Out-of-This-World Consumer Experiences Before the … Read more

The Challenges of Scaling Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Content makes the marketing world go around, but the sheer volume required for campaigns can be overwhelming. HubSpot found companies that posted 16 times or more per month enjoyed 3.5 times more visitors than those with up to four posts per month. While the benefits of scaling your content marketing strategy put your small business in an … Read more

Is It Time to Shift Your Ad Spend to Content Marketing?


As 2017 starts winding down, marketers are turning their attention to the latest trends that will define their marketing plans for 2018. One of those trends is content marketing. While it’s certainly not a new tactic, what is new is that companies have been spending less on traditional ads and more on content marketing. Here’s … Read more

How to Repurpose Long-Form Content: White Paper


In today’s world, business is no longer about following prescribed rules or moseying through traditional techniques. Nowadays, innovation is king. Business owners are looking to reinvent everything, and that includes getting more value out of a white paper with long form content. Repurposing White Papers as Multi-use Selling Tools Writing a white paper can be … Read more

How Small Businesses Can Continue to Cash In On “Pokemon Go”

pokemon go

“Pokemon Go” is without a doubt one of the strangest and most impressive gaming trends in the past decade. In the first week of its release, “Pokemon Go” already began to reshape the nation: Everyone from kids to 20-somethings to middle-agers have downloaded the free game and begun to take part in the frenzy of … Read more