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Business Strategy

How to Repurpose Long-Form Content: White Paper


In today’s world, business is no longer about following prescribed rules or moseying through traditional techniques. Nowadays, innovation is king. Business owners are looking to reinvent everything, and that includes getting more value out of a white paper with long form content. Repurposing White Papers as Multi-use Selling Tools Writing a white paper can be […]

pokemon go

How Small Businesses Can Continue to Cash In On “Pokemon Go”

“Pokemon Go” is without a doubt one of the strangest and most impressive gaming trends in the past decade. In the first week of its release, “Pokemon Go” already began to reshape the nation: Everyone from kids to 20-somethings to middle-agers have downloaded the free game and begun to take part in the frenzy of […]

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Emotions for Sale: Creating Emotional Connections

One of the most valuable assets your business can have is a customer base that not only demonstrates brand loyalty, but also actively participates in the selling and promoting of your products. The key to building and retaining such a devoted fan base is creating an emotional connection between your product and your customers. . […]

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Startup lessons learned in the 2012 NYC Marathon

Before Hurricane Sandy hit New York, I expected to run 26.2 miles through all five boroughs of New York City, starting in Staten Island and ending in Manhattan. I was volunteering as a guide for a disabled athlete with Achilles, an international organization that helps athletes with disabilities complete long races. The day before I […]

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You don’t have time to maintain your blog

TL; DR – Check out Scripted Weekly. The secret ingredient to content marketing is consistency. Take, for example, the Priceonomics blog. They have consistently produced clever analyses of odd economic phenomena. I know that anytime I navigate my browser to their social media, I find myself buried in engaging stories about market (and black-market) pricing. Similarly, I […]

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The Growth of Content Needs

The new HBO series “The Newsroom” features a character (played by Dev Patel of Slumdog Millionairefame) who performs a job familiar to that of many Scripted writers; he writes the blog. It’s not the typical job for a newsroom, but it’s really not that surprising. Dev’s character is playing a vital role that many businesses […]

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If You Want to be an Entrepreneur, Buy and Sell Your Own Product

  The single hardest skill for any entrepreneur to learn is how to sell.  I learned this early on with our screenwriting site Scripped, and now subsequently with Scripted. Products have come and gone in both our space and the community at large, but one thing remains constant: if you cannot sell your own product […]

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What I’ve Learned about Internet Marketing

We’ve come along away since Scripted launched about a year ago. We have funding, interns, and more than one full-time engineer. All three of these are major milestones in the growth of a startup. We’re now entering a new pubescent stage in our growth. There are growth spurts in our revenue and physical changes like […]

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The Marketplace Disintermediation Problem

It’s not easy to build a business between buyers and sellers on the Web. This is why at Scripted we’ve decided to keep our buyers blind. No emails. No phone calls. And you know what? It’s no problem. First, we’ll discuss the practice. Then, we’ll discuss the theory, and finally wrap it all back together. […]

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