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adidas Scripted case study

adidas: Scripted Delivers Fantastic Content

MEET KATIE BURT Hi, I’m Katie Burt, Social Media Manager at adidas Digital Sports. I’m responsible for strategy implementation, cross-category management and content across all social channels. SCRIPTED DELIVERS FANTASTIC CONTENT We’ve been working with Scripted on about four blogs per month for the past 12 months. As the writers and Scripted have become familiar […]

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Winston of Whittington Consulting

Whittington Consulting: Scripted for Agencies is a Huge Help

MEET WINSTON CHENERY I’m Winston Chenery, Marketing Manager for Whittington Consulting. Our team manages inbound marketing efforts for a wide variety of clients. We deliver results through smart strategies and the right content. SCRIPTED DELIVERS QUALITY WRITING ON TIME As an agency, we manage our own blog plus several client blogs. That means we always […]

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Dan Defina from Jump Suit Group

Jump Suit Group: Scripted for Agencies Allows Us To Scale

MEET DAN DEFINA HI, I’M DAN DEFINA. I am the quarterback of operations for Jump Suit Group. I supervise all lead generation and digital sales strategy for our clients. My job is to ensure that our systems run efficiently in order to create quality content and profitable returns. WE MADE A COMMITMENT TO OVERALL GROWTH […]

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Scripted Editors 2

Scripted Editors: What Do They Do?

At Scripted, we work with our writers and editors to deliver quality content to all our clients. Our editors work behind the scenes, cleaning copy and checking guidelines, to ensure that all content is error-free and ready to go.

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megan buell eventbrite

Eventbrite: Scripted Saved Us Time & Energy

MEET MEGAN BUELL HI, I’M MEGAN BUELL. I’m the Content & Inbound Marketing Manager at Eventbrite. I oversee content marketing initiatives that contribute to our sales pipeline and inbound leads. I make sure we’re promoting content, nurturing leads through the funnel and telling our story effectively. WE NEEDED EFFICIENT CONTENT HELP We needed an efficient […]

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