You don’t have time to maintain your blog

TL; DR – Check out Scripted Weekly.

The secret ingredient to content marketing is consistency. Take, for example, the Priceonomics blog. They have consistently produced clever analyses of odd economic phenomena. I know that anytime I navigate my browser to their social media, I find myself buried in engaging stories about market (and black-market) pricing. Similarly, I know that if I visit on a Monday, I’ll find a post tagged “MBA Mondays”.

If I understand the human brain (and to be fair, I don’t), there are these pathways that need to be formed, and then reinforced. That is the nature of habit. Every time I read a company’s blog, the neural pathway between their brand and the nebulous, elusive idea of whichever market they’re addressing is strengthened. That is what’s often referred to as “mind-share”, and it’s crucial to marketing in the internet era.

Fred Wilson (the denizen of could alternatively buy a bunch of Facebook ads to reinforce the neural pathway between his blog and Business school-ish topics, but I would probably ignore them. Instead, through consistent repetition, he’s cemented the association between “Monday” and “MBA” in the minds of his audience. On the first day of every week there are hundreds (if not thousands) of startup-types who wake up and think “Monday”, while their mind uncontrollably leaps to “MBA”. He’s essentially co-opted them into the conditioning of their own brains. Brilliant!

It is with all this in mind that I announce Scripted Weekly. Hundreds of our clients have already found a couple writers that they trust; writers that understand their tone and their audience. The only problem: those clients are running their businesses. They’re balancing their budget and managing their inventory. They don’t have time to log in every week, come up with a new topic, post the job, and oversee its completion.

That’s where Scripted Weekly comes in. With just two-clicks, our clients can easily schedule a weekly job. If the job needs a topic (if it’s a blog post, for instance), our writers will pitch them topics until they’re satisfied. Scripted Weekly will even publish to various social media outlets, making the entire content marketing process completely frictionless. We call it Content Automation. Set it and forget it. You’ve got a business to run.

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