What is an Email Newsletter?

Email Newsletters: An Effective Marketing Tool for Online Business

Email newsletters are an effective communication and marketing tool for businesses. Email newsletters have various useful functions:

· Reminding customers about your business
· Informing customers about your products
· Letting customers know what you’ve been up to
· Establishing a better customer/business relationship

The costs associated with sending emails versus distributing print fliers and newsletters are minimal. The only real issue is that they can easily be dismissed by readers or never received due to aggressive spam filtering. Sometimes when readers open them, they’re often too boring to grab their attention.

It’s easy to disseminate an effective email newsletter. The following 7 helpful hints will increase the odds exponentially that your email newsletter is read by your customers and that they act on it:

Know Your Readers and Deliver What They Want
Your readers want relevant content that they perceive to be valuable. If your email newsletter doesn’t seem to offer them anything, it will be deleted. The content in your publication should be recognized and evaluated in short order. Long and drawn out email newsletters with no apparent direction will never be read.

For instance, Groupon, is a well-known business that sends customers email newsletters frequently. Customer newsletters are based on demographic information and customized accordingly. Groupon creates valuable and effective newsletters using this method.

Stay in Touch-As Long as Your Content is Good
A general rule of thumb when sending out email newsletters is to send one at least once a week. You’ll want your clients to remember you and look forward to receiving your communications, but you don’t want to clog their inbox with pointless dribble.

Everyone has signed up for a newsletter that has led to a consistent flood of spam. Don’t let this be the case with your newsletters, but don’t wait too long in between mailings either. Your business should never send out an email newsletter less than once every six weeks, otherwise customers may wonder why you wait so long.

Make Things as Easy as Possible
Once your customer has read your email newsletter, what’s next? Should they tell a friend, register, make a purchase, or learn more? Include links to the next appropriate actions and make sure they’re clearly marked.

Get to the Point
Your customers are busy. Your subject line should offer your customers a benefit in a clear and concise manner. Don’t waste valuable space with pointless chatter.

The subject line of your email is incredibly important. You have a limited amount of characters to utilize to construct an effective message. Poor messages will inevitably be deleted or sent to the spam box. With email newsletters there is a never a second chance for a first impression.

Keep it Simple
People are looking for words when they open their email. They’re not looking for an enormous amount of visual clutter that a web page might offer. You can use stylish design and photos to make text more appealing, but the focus should be kept to the text. Keep in mind some email readers strip images and HTML from email and leave big red X’s for your readers.

Make Use of Headlines, Subheadings, and Bullets
Most people skim text when they read. Shorter paragraphs and sentences are much easier to skim. Add descriptive headlines and action verbs to grab your reader’s attention.

Use Scripted to Write Your Email Newsletters
For businesses wishing to grow their mailing list, it’s important to ensure that the email newsletters that are sent are interesting and elicit a positive customer response. By using the professional writers at Scripted to create fresh and relevant content, the potential for growing your mailing list is exponential.