Ten Tricks to Superior Tweeting Every Time

With all the time and effort we’re putting into social media outlets like Twitter, who can afford to waste the potential of even a single post? So regardless if you’re in the business of freelance writing or if you are looking to hire content writers, this blog is designed to help.

After all, everything we do online has the potential to either benefit us greatly or harm us irrevocably. So let’s take a look at ten things we can do every time we craft and deliver a new tweet.

Tip number one: Construct your tweets like you do a catchy headline. After all, it’s what gets the reader to read.

Remember that the main objectives when tweeting is to invoke a response in the reader. Whether that is getting the audience to click a link or retweet your message, it will only happen if they get hooked.

Tip number two: Only use 125 characters per tweet.

If they’re going to retweet your post it needs to be the proper length. While Twitter gives you 140 characters you need to allow for the text added when someone hits retweet.

Tip number three: Place links a quarter of the way through your tweet.

When it comes to links studies show the placement of the link will effect its click through rate. By consistently placing the link at the end of the tweet there is the chance that in a retweeting situation it could fall off.

Tip number four: Don’t tweet more than two links within the same hour. (Readers interpret multiple pushes towards links as spamming.)

What you include in your tweets goes beyond just well crafted word play. Including “triggers” can be the difference between being clicked on and passed up.

Tip number five: Create custom #hashtags for keywords and product names as well as VIA, @, RT, PLEASE, and CHECK. Tweets that include these triggers see a higher click through rate.

Tip number six: Don’t use ADDTHIS or MARKETING in tweets as they will only trigger the followers “spam-dar.”

Tip number seven: Use a lot of adverbs and verbs in your tweet for a higher click through. That means breakout the “ly” words!

Tip number eight: Be sure to use those verbs to tell your followers what you want them to do. Use things like, “take a look” or “check this out.”

Remember you’re human and not some marketing robot. We know at some point you are going to need us to click your link, go to your blog, or buy something. Just don’t ram it down our throats.

Tip number nine: Don’t blatantly advertise! Instead, when the time comes introduce a special, limited-time offer that is only available to your twitter followers. Those interested will take you up on the discount.

Tip number ten: Post your tweets on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday where you have a greater chance for exploratory click through.

Once you’ve constructed greatness you don’t want to waste it by throwing it all out there when no one is listening. Instead think about the times when more users are online. When they get to work in the morning, after three o’clock when they’re bored, etc.

Honestly, a mix of all three of those times would probably produce the best return. Regardless, you’re going to have to test the waters using all of these tip to see when and how you’ll get the most bang for your posts.

If at any point the job becomes overwhelming, you find yourself wanting a new voice, or maybe even need someone to cover you while you take a break that help is only a click away.

Good luck!