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Scripted Webinar Recap: Following Guidelines and Writing with Impact

Miss Scripted’s webinar on following guidelines and writing impactfully? Find the recap here.

You asked and we delivered! Based on your input, we focused our most recent writer webinar on interpreting guidelines and writing for maximum impact.

Our top takeaways?

  1. Always read job details, guidelines, and additional guidelines prior to starting a job
  2. Keep guidelines open as you write for quick reference
  3. Substantive writing creates more value for the reader, increases engagement, and establishes your credibility
  4. Substantial writing is focused, filled with specific details, concise, easy to read, and value rich
  5. Before submitting jobs, check them against guidelines and reread them in full

You can also view the entire webinar here.

We’ll announce our next webinar in a writer newsletter, so stay tuned!

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