How to Sell More and Improve Conversion Rates with Twitter

Twitter is growing in popularity as a method for building relationships with customers. It’s important to nurture these relationships, as it can allow a company to sell more of its products and services.

Although it takes time to establish Twitter as an effective lead generator, the platform is free and easy to use. With some time commitment to tweeting regularly, a business can sell much more in the long run. It’s important to also keep in mind that is not an overnight solution for selling more, but in time using Twitter will make your business more profitable. With a few strategies, you can turn your tweets into eventual sales.

1. Link Twitter to your company website. This is one of the first things you should do with your Twitter account for your business. On the profile page explain what your business does or sells, and provide a link to the homepage. This will increase traffic to your website and ultimately bring in more sales.

2. Focus on your target market. The best way to sell more is to target the people who want or need your product. Every business should have an idea of what their ideal customer is, so once you have your target audience in mind you can search for them on Twitter. You can also try looking at who your ideal customer is following; this will give you a good idea of what type of information they want.

3. Write valuable tweets. The best way to generate interest and sales is to offer something of value to prospective customers. It’s okay to offer promotions on products or services, but most tweets should give readers something less monetary. After all, customers want to do business with experts in the field, and tweeting things of value to the customer will establish your authority much more quickly. For example, try to teach them ways to improve their lives or complete simple tasks more easily. However, if writing is not your strength, you can hire writers to create meaningful tweets for your business.

4. Interact with your followers. The number of your followers will increase if you start to tweet valuable, enjoyable content. To build a real relationship, try to interact with your customers through discussions. Ask for their feedback on a product or service and answer any questions they might have. Doing all this shows you are interested in learning about what they want or need, which can prove very valuable indeed.

5. Tweet daily. The best way to stay fresh in a customer’s mind is to tweet every day. While some company’s tweet 20 times a day, it is important to provide quality, not quantity. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for tweets, then try retweeting other useful tweets your target market will care about.

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