How can Facebook help you sell more?

Facebook is taking over the web, which means having a Facebook page for your business isn’t a choice anymore; it’s a necessity. After all, Facebook can increase sales and promote brand awareness.

Facebook Fan pages connect clients with businesses and can provide an effective advertising platform. In many cases, the advertising doesn’t even cost the business anything. Consequently, businesses can’t afford not to take advantage of this resource. To help your business best utilize Facebook, here are 5 ways a Facebook page can grow a business and generate more sales:

Boost Brand Awareness

People do business with companies they know and trust. Facebook pages can increase brand awareness and allow potential clients to learn more about a company, which in turn encourages a customer to feel a sense of familiarity with a business. With this approach businesses can increase sales and profits by simply letting customers get to know the business in a less commercial sense.

Create Customer Connections

Facebook provides a much needed method for fans to interact with businesses. Business can better serve customers by creating polls or taking suggestions directly from clients in real time. In turn, this helps form connections with customers to increase sales.

Get Discovered

Creating a Facebook page makes it easier for new customers to find businesses. Search engines often pick up Facebook page links long before business web pages. Businesses taking advantage of this factor are likely to discover that sales will increase due to the added exposure.

Advertise Events for Free

Facebook makes it easy for businesses to get the word out about special promotions and events. Posting events, pictures and information is easy, which makes it even easier to advertise your business. Additionally, Facebook offers paid ad space that allows for more exposure for your business.

Capitalize on Word of Mouth Advertising

As customers begin talking about businesses, their friends are drawn into the conversation. This offers businesses a higher level of exposure that is unprecedented in typical marketing tactics. After all, people buy from businesses that friends trust. In a way, Facebook assists businesses in turning customers into evangelists.

Facebook offers businesses an advantage that no business should ignore. However, just starting a page isn’t enough. Fresh content must be added and updated, which can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially when business is good. Most businesses hire freelancers for blogging and writing content. Content writers are a valuable commodity in todays market, as they allow business owners to concentrate on running the business instead of having to worry about creating content.