Content Trends Writers Should Know in 2014


Prepare for the new year by setting writing goals and getting ahead of these content trends.

It’s a new year, and you may be feeling ready to change things up when it comes to your own writing. Even though we’re just a few days into 2014, there are several emerging trend predictions that can already be on your radar. Here are some notable content trends you can expect to see this year.

A Focus on Social Media

As you have probably already noticed, social media is more than just a good tool to have these days. It is basically a requirement when it comes to marketing businesses. It should come as no surprise that sites like Skilledup predict that more social media writers will be needed in 2014. Dallas News also recently reported that social media advertising will require a bigger share of the typical marketing budget this year, which means one of your writing goals should be to learn more about writing sharable content for social media.

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A Demand for Higher Quality

You’ve likely been providing quality content all along, and now is not the time to stop. After looking at the 2014 content trends, you’ll recognize that this ability is more important than ever. Instead of setting out to simply entertain, take a look at the problems your customers face and then provide a solution. For example, the proud new owners of a tech product might need you to answer some commonly asked questions, in which case you should start writing a troubleshooting guide for the product.

A Need for a Dedicated Content Strategist

One of the most exciting 2014 content trends is the new demand for specialists in the content writing industry. More specifically, companies will be more interested in experts than freelance writers. This means that as long as you not only write content, but also create a complete strategy for a company’s writing needs. If you’ve got the skills to strategize content, you can take advantage of this content writing trend.

Changes in Google Algorithms

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, but that doesn’t mean SEO is dead. In fact, according to Skilledup, one of the most notable 2014 content trends is the increased need for writers who know how to use SEO. Make sure you stay on top of the latest Google algorithm changes and know how to do keyword research.

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An Interest in Content Curation

Uberflip advises that writers learn to curate content in 2014. This makes sense if you have ever marveled at the vast amount of content already online. Sometimes it makes sense to write a new piece inspired by your favorite blog post, and other times it makes more sense to simply share the original blog with your audience. You can then add your own thoughts about why the blog is great, and you will have successfully curated content!

These content writing trends for 2014 should leave you with a positive feeling regarding this industry. Of course, you should take care to monitor these trends throughout the year and tweak your behavior and writing practices based on what works best. Be sure to update yourself on the newest writing trends as often as possible.


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