A Trip To South America Is Only A Travel Story Away

Have you submitted a story to our writing contest yet? Read our tips on how to win here.

As many of you may have heard, Scripted and Intrepid Travel have recently joined forces to celebrate travel writing with our Real Travel Stories Writing Contest! While the contest has been live for almost two weeks, we wanted to share some information and tips on how to increase your chances of winning the prizes: a food, adventure or coffee trip to South America!

RealTravelStories.com is all about the authentic travel experiences that drive people to different places. Whether you’re enjoying a local’s favorite spot in Madrid, strolling the streets of Istanbul at night, or showering in the dark in Amsterdam, these real experiences from seasoned and novice wanderers are what people search for in their own travels.

By sharing your experiences on RealTravelStories.com, you’re not only opening the eyes (and imaginations) of your readers, but you’re also setting yourself up to win an awesome trip to experience a new culture in South America.

Two prizes will be awarded to those who submit their travel stories: a Fan Favorite and a Panel Choice. The Fan Favorite prize will be awarded to the piece with the most social shares and upvotes (which occur within the post itself) and the Panel Choice will be awarded to the piece that our panel feels is most well-written, interesting and publishable.

If you’re looking to win the Fan Favorite prize from Intrepid Travel, you’ll need to be interactive with your content! Follow the below tips to help improve your chances of winning this prize:

  • Use the share buttons within your story to spread the word about your experience
  • Have your friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances share your story the same way
  • Make sure that your network and community upvotes your post using the thumbs-up icon right above the share buttons
  • Use a great photo to help with your social sharing

Not interested in sharing your story across the Internet? Go for the Panel Choice prize instead! This prize will go to the most engaging, interesting and authentic travel story submitted through the contest. No shares are needed to win this prize — just your excellent writing skills! Follow the below tips to help improve your chances of winning this prize:

  • Submit up to five pieces for more chances to win
  • Make sure that your piece follows the intended rules of the contest
  • Provide insight into a culture that isn’t easily found on the Internet or in a travel book

By following these tips, you can up your chances of winning that trip to South America. You have until September 30 to enter, so get at it!

What’s your favorite travel story so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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