Top Men Dress Shoes Trends for 2016

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It can easily be said that a stylish man is well-dressed from head to toe. In fact, even the most impressive ensembles can be complemented by a great pair of shoes. Men's fashion is commonly overlooked, sometimes to the extent that we forget that there is an extensive array of options available in men's footwear. Thankfully, there are several shoes that are taking center stage in trends for men's dress shoes in 2016. Here's a look at some of the top styles to choose from. Loafers Loafers are an interesting shoe style for men because they are often thought to be more of a casual dress shoe than anything else. However, many of the 2016 styles of loafers are showing that this is a shoe that can definitely be paired with a nice suit or more formal business wear. The key to success with this trend is to invest in a pair of loafers with a durable and attractive leather exterior. A great example are these Morsetto Driving Loafers by Tods. Oxfords For a more professional look, consider finding a good pair of oxfords. Oxfords can be dressed up or dressed down, but they look great when paired with any suit. To stay on trend, many men are wearing oxfords with no socks, shorter socks, or socks with intricate patterns to add more personality and flair to the traditional suit and dress shoe attire. Sebago Norwich Oxford: Wing Tips Another great shoe that's gaining a lot of attention this year are wing tips. Wing tips can be surprisingly versatile when considering newer designs. Traditionally, these were purely dress shoes and belonged with your business and professional wear. Within recent years, wing tips have almost been reinvented; some of them have different types of treads on the soles to make them more suitable for walking in different types of terrain. Another change is that they're now available in more colors than ever before. Two-toned wing tips can be an impressive touch to any man's arsenal of footwear! Sebago Dresden Wing Tip: Derby Shoes Derby shoes are almost always instantly recognizable by the shiny patent leather that is commonly associated with them. They look great when paired with a tuxedo and usually look best when paired with very formal outfits. Designer brands such as Dolce & Gabbana have introduced more colorful and daring designs to derby shoes, allowing them to become more approachable for the man that likes to wear a suit on a regular basis without always being purely formal. Dolce & Gabbana Derby: Dress Boots Incorporating boots into a professional outfit is often challenging for men due to the extensive variations available in footwear. For this reason, there are specific types of boots meant to be worn with suits and dress pants. Dress boots tend to be constructed of leather, suede, or another similar material with a classic finish. Generally speaking, there are two styles of dress boots that men need to pay attention to this year. The first type of dress boot covers the ankle completely, whereas the second type of dress boot cradles the ankle and lacks the higher lacing capabilities. The type of dress boot that is worn depends greatly upon a man's personal style and the nature of the apparel that he is wearing. In terms of upcoming trends, mixed media dress boots are often pleasing to the eye and are often a classy addition to a suit or a complementing option for a blazer. To Boot New York Stallworth: Color Trends Men's footwear is often stereotyped as having very few options in consideration of color schemes and patterns. Men's dress shoe trends for 2016 are proving that this stereotype only continues to be stale and outdated! Although men will continue to find dress shoes in the traditional black and brown, there are now many other intriguing designs to choose from. Mixed media shoes are becoming increasingly popular for men's footwear and are no longer a strange idea in the realms of dress shoes. Men can also expect to see surprising additions such as metallics, brighter shades such as reds and dark blues, and even some pastel hues. Light greys and neutral colors with texturized patterns are also developing trends. Comfort vs. Functionality Finally, there are also some brands that are starting to create dress shoes for men that are not only functional, but comfortable. Those that have to spend long hours standing at work or events already know that dress shoes are not always the most comfortable option. However, brands such as UGG are now offering some convincing styles that can easily be paired with some of the more business casual outfits during the week. UGG Neumel:

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