Tapping Into the Tablet Ad Market

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The tablet ad market offers marketers a gateway into the personal life of consumers. Learn how to capitalize on this unique opportunity.

When it comes to marketing, how effective are tablets compared to computers? In a recent poll taken by Adroit Digital, 55 percent of those surveyed said they use their tablet to research products and 56 percent said they're more apt to engage in a tablet ad than a PC ad. Significantly, 42 percent (with men outnumbering the women by one-and-a-half times) said they're more likely to make impulse buys using their tablets instead of their other devices. Do these numbers foretell a new type of marketing strategy? Consider this: According to a recent study from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Kindle users spend $1,223 a year on Amazon products. Likewise, market analysts say by 2020 tablet-based marketing campaigns will generate more than $27 billion globally.

Why Use a Tablet for Purchases?

Think of it this way: A tablet is a recreational version of a personal computer. It's small enough to take to bed or carry out for a walk in the park. Most of us don't really associate our tablets with work, even if many tablets are well equipped. We tend to associate them more with our personal lives. This is why many of us are more likely to shop online on these devices compared to our workhorse laptops and desktops.

Tablet Marketing Strategies

Since tablets are becoming the next super-shopping device marketers are faced with a challenge: how do I create marketing content that can be effectively formatted for a tablet screen? Here are some tips: • Small fonts? Don’t indulge in text-heavy ads that require users to zoom. • No mouse? If the only viable alternative is drop-down menus, make them uncluttered and user-friendly. • Awkward link clicking? Clicking on links can be problematic on a tiny screen, so don’t crowd your links. Keep them separate from each other and the rest of the text. • No flash? Since many mobile users can’t use Adobe products, it’s better to avoid ads that rely on Flash. Users will only see an empty space. • Overcrowded content? Clutter is the enemy of tablet advertising. Give your copy and images plenty of breathing room so users can see it without developing a permanent squint. Tablets are providing a profitable new canvas for advertising. By adapting and reformatting content for optimum effect, savvy marketers can take advantage of this new territory and its virtually-unlimited potential for success.  

Keely B.

Keely B.

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