Setting Boundaries at Work

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Thanks to cell phones and WiFi access, you never have to leave work behind. Unfortunately, constant availability means you don’t really have any downtime, and that can eventually lead to burn out. Setting a few personal boundaries will you ensure that you get the job done while maintaining a reasonable work/life balance. But I Live at the Office If you’ve always been the first to arrive at work and the last to leave, it won’t be easy to make a change, particularly if your co-workers have come to expect that you’ll always be there to handle those emergencies that happen before or after hours. Although it’s important to be available during normal business hours, your workplace doesn’t have to become your second home. At least three times per week, try leaving at 5:30 or coming in on time in the morning, instead of arriving an hour early. Invent a reason if you feel you have to, but make a point to get out of the office no later than 35 minutes past quitting time. Sure, there will be times that you legitimately have to work late or come in early, but when you make a real effort to get out of the office on time, you’ll be surprised how much more pleasant your life can be. Don’t Call Me Emails, calls and texts at all hours of the day and night mean you never have the chance to transition into relaxation mode. No matter what type of work you do, chances are that you can reduce the hours that you’re available by these means to some degree. Let your team know what when you’ll be available after you leave the office and under what the conditions they can contact you. Define what circumstances constitute an emergency so that there will be no questions in anyone’s mind. Who’s That Knocking on My Door? It’s hard to finish your projects when your phone never stops ringing and other employees feel free to stop by your desk no matter how busy you look. Let your co-workers know when you’re available for non-emergency conversations and put an end to constant interruptions. For example, you might designate 3 to 5 p.m. as the time you’ll be available to discuss projects and problems and respond to non-emergency emails. It might take a little while for your colleagues to understand that you are serious about your new no interruptions policy. If they drop by at 10 a.m. when you’re in the middle of a time-sensitive project, politely remind that you will speak to them later in the day.

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