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At the San Francisco Design Center, color was in the spotlight, and it was as vibrant as ever. The House Beautiful Color Institute, with the help of Kravet and Benjamin Moore paints, organized showroom presentations on everything from the psychology of color to new eco-friendly fabrics. The day's mantra: "We love color!"

The presentation on the psychology of color given by Color Expert Kate Smith imparted insight and design ideas surrounding the color to look for during the fall season: blue. What do you think of when you think of blue? Water? Sky? Who knew that the phrase "feeling blue" could suggest a state of tranquility or a well-established and traditional sense of style, rather than sadness? How about that, when paired with warm tones, a blue palette can come alive with evoking sensual or adventurous moods? These observations are what Kate Smith described in her presentation on the color blue. With a primarily blue palette, there tends to be a calming effect, whereas when paired with bright splashes of color, blue can go from tranquil to playful and imaginative (and that's not just meant for a child's room!). When you choose to wear certain color, it says something about your personality, and in turn, if you choose to paint your room that color, it also correlates with personality or mood. When pairing a room set in a warm earth-tone palette with one touch of cool blue, whether in a vase or decorative pillows, the room has the potential to evoke a completely different mood. The design possibilities are endless, and this is only with the color blue!

While I'm on the subject of color, I'd like to give you a heads-up on another hue that's always in style: green. And when I say green I mean eco-friendly! Eco-friendly fabric was another feature of the House Beautiful Color Institute design show on Wednesday. These new fabrics by Robert Allen/Beacon Hill have an eco-friendly twist, yet do not sacrifice style or vibrant color. The softest of the fabrics, ranging from recyclable products to organic cotton, is by far the bamboo chenille. Heaven! Perfect for covering your own chair, sofa or piece from the Robert Allen home furnishing collection. The fabrics meet all environmental standards when it comes to fabric content, dye composition, and finishing treatments. The perfect fabrics to fit a sustainable lifestyle, wherever you live!

For more on the psychology of blue and design ideas for your other favorite colors visit:

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