Logos Are Important in Small Business, Too

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They saying that a picture speaks 1,000 words. So it goes with logos. Crucial to marketing, logos are another means of communication. Visually, they cue a company’s service, ethos and message in one glance. An Example: 'Green' Businesses You might have noticed how, in recent years, many new or rebranded companies have opted to have the colour green in their logo and branding. With the growing role that environmental mindfulness plays in a consumer’s mind, many companies are strategically creating or shifting brands to speak ‘green’. It’s About Communicating A Message Think of a road sign, and how, in an efficient manner, they can convey important information. A picture of a child crossing the road? It's a signal to slow down. A picture of a bicycle? Watch out for cyclists. Logos convey important information, too. Small business, as much as big business, have a message to share, and it often pays to share this message in numerous forms of communication. Furthermore, small business, as much as a big business, benefits from being instantly recognised. Logos can help do just that. A Logo’s Purpose A logo helps: - Convey information in an efficient manner (when you see the Cadbury logo you think ‘chocolate’, the Nike logo, ‘sports apparel’, the BMW logo, ‘cars’, right? These brands have done well in creating (and reinforcing!) a logo and brand that’s recognisable and communicates their core offering. - Serve as a point of differentiation. A logo tells a customer what and how one business is different to another. (So let your logo speak what’s unique and valuable about your company!) - Give a business an identity. Through colours, fonts and images, a logo can provide essential information about a company, such as their values, personality, offering, and also serve as a means of being instantly recognised and recalled. - Provide an anchor point in all business marketing materials. Logos create consistency, which is indispensable in fostering brand recognition and trust. When Businesses Revamp Their Logo A good logo aligns with goals and brand messages , which is why many businesses update their logos. These businesses understand that logos tell a story. And, these businesses know that in having ever-shifting strategic goals and brand messages, it’s important that a logo reflects this evolution. If you’re curious: here are some examples of the logo evolution of some of the world’s most famous brands. Now, consider: is your logo looking stale? Do you think it says what you want it to say about your business, now, and in the future? Businesses constantly update their contact details, mission statements, organisational goals, to name some, so why hesitate updating your logo? No logo? No worries. It’s always exciting to start with a clean slate. From this place you can take into account your mission, values, goals, key messages, the feel you want your logo to emanate, and brainstorm something that sums up all of these parts. Of course, this is usually easier to say than do. That’s when it might pay to work alongside a professional in creating the right logo for your business. Fig Creative’s design team is highly adept at creating well-targeted and neatly curated logos and branding. Feel free to ask us about your logo and branding ideas at any time.

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Amanda B.

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