Let's Not Rush to Expand Eligibility for Medical Assistance in Dying

A Scripted Freelance Writer Writing Sample

Ever since I was a small girl, I've loved to write. I grew up writing stories and poetry in little notebooks that I hid from my teachers so they wouldn't confiscate them. When I got older, I began to appreciate the non-fiction side of writing; I explored the incredible capacity for nuance and wonder that can be conveyed when writing mostly about facts. I wrote for my university newspaper; they asked me to keep writing for them because of the wonder I imbued each piece with. Writing is one of the most intricate and varied ways to express oneself. There is no limit to the creativity and heart that you can pour into your work. Whether it is fiction, factual, marketing, or academic, you can captivate any audience with amazement. Writing is truly an art in itself. It's no wonder that I ended up in copy editing, copywriting, and conten...

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