How to Host a Hybrid Class for my Community

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Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic may have sped up the move to using more digital platforms to reach a wider audience. There has always been a use case to use technology in events to help bring together those who can not attend them in person. As we come out of the pandemic though the power of these digital tools has been proven and is here to stay, leading to the rise of the virtual event.

Virtual events bring a double advantage as they allow those who can't attend for whatever reason to still take part, whilst keeping the social element these events bring to their lives. This piece will cover off what is a hybrid event and how they can help improve the wellbeing of all participants and also how to host a hybrid event or class and what tools required and how Televeda can help deliver these tools (, to run a hybrid class for your community.

What is a Hybrid Event?

Televeda defines a hybrid event as ( a conference, meeting, seminar, workshop or any other event that combines a live in-person event with a virtual online element, giving participants the option whether they want to attend virtually or in person depending on their circumstances.

One positive of technology is they've allowed communities and people to interact and engage with a reach that's never been possible before, allowing more people to take part in activities which before may have been limited by geography. Another positive is that they are more budget friendly and greener for organizers to deliver, which could deliver cost savings to participants. One limitation of virtual events is they may not always help in more social ways and those engaging in virtual events may not benefit from the social interaction that an in person event might bring.

The main positive of in-person events is they bring communities together and social interaction in a way that technology struggles to overcome in digital settings. In-person events though are limited by geography and how easy it is for participants to attend.

Hosting a hybrid event though helps bring all the positives of these two styles together. They enable the positives of digital such as reach and budget, but also help improve social interaction between participants, as hybrid events have more ways for virtual participants to engage than traditional virtual methods do (such as Zoom).

How Do I Run a Great Hybrid Class?

When looking at hosting a hybrid event, especially for those doing it for the first time, it can seem a little daunting, especially if you don't know what you're going to need to deliver a successful hybrid event.

As an overview for materials to deliver the hybrid event, organizers should look for a hosting platform for your event. This platform should be more than a traditional communication tool and to deliver an exceptional event it should be able to provide recording tools, live streaming, virtual audience engagement, support, as well as the normal audio and visual tools required. it's imperative organizers look at getting a platform that can both record and live stream as this allows you to create content your participants can access that on demand at a later date, allowing for higher engagement and reach. Virtual audience engagement tools are also important as they allow for more user interaction and engagement, making it more likely your users will return for following events.

On top of this, organizers should ensure they're using high quality and engaging audio and visual materials. Data suggests that 90% of data processing is visual (note, not text, visual means infographics) (, which just stresses the importance of great visual and audio engagement in your events, but if organizers can deliver this then it is likely to improve both event satisfaction but also lead more attendees to go to the next events and help you deliver a great event.

Once you have set up your event, the next and most obvious question is how can I best market it? At a high level, organizers should look at the obvious marketing tools at their disposal to get more attendees such as optimizing their SEO and content creation to drive web traffic to their event, as well as email marketing. It would also benefit organizers to update their website, or event site, to make it more appealing to their desired customer or attendee base, depending on the event. Televeda have a great article on how best to market your event here (, which will really help drive engagement and getting sign ups and expand further on the above.


Delivering great hybrid events can be a powerful way for organizers to keep all the benefits that digital events have shown during the pandemic whilst keeping the improved social interaction that came from in-person events, but only if organizers use great tools to help deliver them. A great way to make sure these events go well are to use a technology platform, powered by an events management company, such as Televeda to ensure organizers get the best of both industries powering their events.

Televeda offer brilliant solutions to help organizers deliver best in class hybrid events, with solutions that offer recording tools, live streaming, virtual audience engagement, support, as well as the normal audio and visual tools. On top of this, they will also help with outreach and marketing and tech support to help both improve attendance rates but also make sure events run with no issues.

Schedule a call with us today to see how we can help scale your virtual and hybrid event offerings at your community center (

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