How secure is the drug supply chain in the United States?

A Scripted Freelance Writer Writing Sample

I have published content in a wide variety of print, visual and electronic media covering a broad range of topics. My assembled work catalog spans technical, industrial, instructive, journalism, creative and documentary formats. My journalistic work has been featured on National, Network, and Local News outlets including: Dateline NBC, ABC Nightline, MSNBC, Geraldo at Large, CBC News, CNN, Discovery Channel, Seattle Times, LA Times, Reuters, Guest Contributor on NPR and plenty of other venues. One of my prouder moments was seeing a press release that I wrote appear on the center ticker on the NASDAQ building. I pride myself at being extremely adept at producing vital, energetic, engaging and relevant print content and being a versatile production pen with the ability to effortlessly produce material for all stages of the process ...

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