Greening Up the Office

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You're a green living super star at home, but how do you measure up at the office? Even though you don't have to pay out of pocket for office resources, the waste you create does impact overall business funds, not to mention the surrounding environment.

Set up recycling services

If your office doesn't offer recycling, please take your concerns to the manager as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to speak up for your passions. Recycling containers should be separated, with two boxes minimum. Use one for paper products and one for bottles and cans. Additional containers are useful for old batteries, light bulbs and printer ink.

Think before you print

Print the final version of a report or brochure, not the numerous drafts. Computers are high-tech these days, and they let you interact with documents and edit as you go. When you do print, use black ink and both sides of the paper.

Add some greenery

Plants help purify the air of toxins. They also add a natural touch to a stark office environment. Reduce your overflowing houseplant collection by giving these green beauties a new home. Set them around your desk, and give thanks for their assistance in cleaning the air. Ask the office manager for permission before placing them around the rest of the office, and don't forget to establish their care routine.

Set up computer sleepy time

Office life is hectic at times, and distractions pull you away from your desk. Although stepping away from the computer is important, you should remember that your computer won't stop working without a prompt. Open your control panel settings, and activate the power-saving options. Tell the computer to turn off the display after a pre-determined amount of inactivity. In addition, set up sleep mode that comes into effect if no activity resumes. Don't confuse these options with screen savers, which do not actually save electricity.

Bring your own dishware

Pretend the office is part of a large camping trip, one without sleeping bags under the stars or campsite scavenger hunts. (Although that does sound like fun!) Stash your own mesh bag with dishware in your desk, and use it for lunchtime meals. Wash each item afterwards, and return it to the bag. Not only does this prevent styrofoam and plastic waste, but it also prevents exposure to germs from universal-access dishware.

Ditch the bottled water

Plastic contributes to a lot of waste and pollution. It also increases costs. Instead of filling the office with bottled water, return to the days of water coolers and water fountains. Bring your personal cup or mug to the fountain, and fill it up with cool, refreshing water.

Remove excess lighting

Motion sensors are a worthy investment. Regardless of the numerous posters you tape to the walls, not all of your coworkers will pay attention. Ask your office manager to install motion sensors that turn off the lights if no activity is detected. This method will save electricity, not to mention your sanity.

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