Google Adwords vs Content Marketing: What You Need to Know

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The following is a an example of a Search Marketing SEO blog post:

Content marketing and Google Adwords have, essentially, the same goal: to convert prospective customers into profitable customers. They do this in slightly different ways, though. Here’s how. How Google Adwords Works The Internet’s most successful form of paid advertising allows for businesses to appear in Google Search’s paid results (these appear at the top, to the right and at the bottom of a search result page, and are distinguished from organic search results by a yellow ‘Ad’ symbol). Google Adwords gives your business prominence and opportunities to reach more people and gain new customers. How Content Marketing Works Content marketing is about distributing relevant, interesting content to engage with prospects and, like Adwords, encourage customers to take profitable action. Content marketing is less about selling and is more about engaging and informing; with the help of interesting content, the business’ output speaks for itself. Which Strategy Is Best For My Business? Utilise both, we say. Adwords and content marketing complement one another: Adwords drives relevant traffic to your website, and content encourages website visitors along the conversion process. Also, Adwords is less effective if you have poor content, since Google Adwords assesses content, too. Google assigns keywords a Quality Score, which, along with other factors, is dictated by the quality of the content on your landing page. Good content, therefore, boosts your Quality Score, which, in turn, boosts your ad position, all while lowering costs. What’s noteworthy about Adwords being a source of website traffic is how, as we gain access to more user information, we are better able at strategically targeting who we want our ad to reach. In knowing who is going to see and perhaps click our ad, we can tailor the landing page’s content to suit this person. Thus, we end up with truly engaging and highly relevant content.

Amanda B.

Amanda B.

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