Four Reasons It's Important to Upgrade Your EMR Software

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Four Reasons It's Important to Upgrade Your EMR Software Most medical professionals know that using EMR (Electronic Medical Records) is an essential part of any successful medical practice. What many professionals, however, may not realize is that keeping their software upgraded on a regular basis is also important. Having inefficient, outdated software can be as problematic as not using it all. The following information discusses four reasons why EMR Software should be updated on an annual basis. 1. Upgrades Can Increase Adaptability & Productivity The number one reason to upgrade EMR software is so it can increase overall efficiency and productivity. Upgrades will provide physicians and other medical professionals access to new and improved templates. A new upgrade will enable the staff to more easily track patient data. As new software is created it is often easier to implement and understand. This ultimately means less time spent managing files and data. 2. Upgraded EMR Software Can Increase Adaptability There is a variety of software that can now receive input from voice, tablet, or portable devices such as iPhones. Implementing software that has the power to bring together voice recognition with other forms of entering and organizing data provides several options for the staff. Adaptability allows professionals in the same office to work in a way that each one finds easiest and most efficient. 3. Upgrades Can Increase Patient Satisfaction & Improve Overall Care Upgrading software will raise the level of patient care. Improved EMR software will allow medical professionals to more closely monitor each patient's progress. Software that more efficiently tracks and compares necessary data over specific time periods will ultimately improve patient care. Upgrades to online files can also allow a patient greater access to his or her personal files. This could mean fewer office calls and staff spending less time assisting patients regarding personal information. 4. Upgrades Can Help an Office Go Green By Reducing Costs Software can help reduce or even eliminate many tedious office tasks. General record keeping is often easier with new software. Reducing the time necessary for updating and managing patient records will save money. Upgraded systems will also improve billing and scheduling tasks. An improved system should be able to reduce the number of pages that need to be printed off. This will lead to a reduction or even elimination of paper and ink costs. It will also limit printer maintenance. This not only reduces general expenditures, but is a good way to go green.

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