Don’t Run Amok! Teach Your Dog to Stop Bolting

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Certain breeds, such as Shiba Inus, beagles and various terriers, bolt out of the door or gate as soon as you open it. Since hunters frequently use these breeds to catch small game, their prey drive runs quite high. The natural instinct to give chase encourages these dogs to take flight in response to the slightest stimuli. However, bolting does not just affect these breeds. Almost any dog will bolt at least once in their lifetime. If something catches your dog's eye as you open the door, he or she will wiggle through the opening to go check it out. If that enticement is another dog or a car, your dog could run straight into a bad situation. To handle bolting, learn how to control the situation if your dog does run off unexpectedly. Also, practice appropriate obedience training methods to prevent this fiasco from the start. Don't Give Chase Handling a bolting problem the right way the first time it happens reduces the chance of it happening again. If you chase your dog, he will find out this bad behavior results in a fun game. Dogs with a high prey drive greatly enjoy chase games, especially when played with you. Instead, turn back the other way and call his name. Your dog should come running several seconds later. If not, kneel down and give a long, low whistle to catch his attention. Be sure to praise him lovingly when he comes back to you. Avoid Negative Responses Avoid the urge to scold your dog for running off in the first place. He will not be able to discern if you are unhappy with him running away or coming back. If you scold your dog harshly, the next time you call him over, he will not respond. Instead, you have to use positive reinforcement to win your dog over. Offer praise and treats every time your dog obeys your calls. Act happy and excited to see your dog as soon as he approaches you. Lead him inside and give a few gentle pats to show your satisfaction. Enact Regular Training Sessions To prevent this issue, you need to teach your dog to look to you for direction at every junction. You will need to teach your dog to wait for you to say a particular word before exiting any, and every, door or gate. To teach this skill, start by making sure your dog knows how to sit and stay on command. Each time you leave the house, have your dog sit and stay in front of the closed door or gate. Practice opening the door various widths while your dog stays put. To leave, give the chosen command and head outside together. Offer plenty of praise and a treat to confirm that your dog performed the routine as expected. Keep the training sessions less than five minutes long, and repeat them several times a day.

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