Common Writing Mistakes I See as a Writing Tutor

A Scripted Freelance Writer Writing Sample

Need someone to keep your business’s blog up-to-date with SEO rich content that draws in readers? Need copy that will have clients knocking down your door? Got a creative project that needs a face-lift? I know just the gal… Ciao! I’m Grace— marketing & entrepreneurship blogger + copywriter. You can count on me to get the results you need and see massive improvements in engagement and conversion rates for your business! What you get with me: > Punctuality and Quality Work - I worked as a Writing Consultant for my Unversity helping writers with all stages of the writing process— including brainstorming, drafting, organization, and editing. > Fierce Personality (hello, creative writing degree!) - My articles appear in popular publications such as The Writing Cooperative, The Ascent, and The Post-Grad Survival Guide - My Med...

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