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Dominic S
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I have been working as a Ghostwriter/Editor for almost ten years writing articles, short stories and novels. I'm a published novelist with my 5th book being released in the summer of 2020. I've ghostwritten eleven novels to date in various genres including mystery, suspense and sci-fi thrillers, romance and comedy. 
 Currently, I live half-way up a mountain in Spain with my dog, Bruford. Like everyone else, Bruford and I are locked down. We're remote enough for it not to affect Bruford's walks and general goings-on but I miss hugs. 
 Indeed, there are two things that have become clear in recent times. 
 . How many times we do actually touch our face during the average day. On analysis, it appears I spend 7% of the day with my finger up my nose . How important hugs are. We didn't really hug socia...
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