Absolutely Free? Frank Zappa's Musical Assault on American Conformity, 1966-1968

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Brandon is a writer based in the rural town of Gardner, IL, and is a recent graduate in history from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, IL. He is a seasoned writer in both the academic and public spheres, and hopes to employ his past experiences to create stimulating content for Scripted users. He has a knack for academic prose and loves to form sentences that are both pleasing and stimulating to the eyes and ears, as well as informative and convincing to the mind. While he can thoroughly research and write elegantly about any topic, his passion is rock music and the social and cultural implications surrounding the creation of certain songs or albums, and how that music responds to those circumstances. He wrote an article on Frank Zappa that garnered an academic award and publication from Phi Beta Kappa.
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