6 Coffee Spots in Portland Every Latte Lover Should Visit

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While not famous for its coffee, Portland's homemade, organic and exotic foodie culture have lead to the creation of unique and superb coffee shops. Move over Seattle, Portland is the coffee hot spot that every java lover should visit at least once. This is an area where micro-roasters and specialty coffee beans are the norm, not the exception. Here are the six top coffee spots in Portland, offering some of the best coffee around.


Where : Headquarters – 100 SE Salmon Street, Division – 4525 SE Division Street, Belmont – 3356 SE Belmont Street, Stark – 1026 SW Stark Street, The Annex – 100 SE Salmon Street, Downtown – 128 SW 3rd Avenue - Background — Stumptown is Portland's iconic coffee empire with outlets in New York and Seattle. No Portland coffee crawl would be complete without a visit to one of the five coffee spots or the company headquarters. - Why you should visit — Great conversation and to try the Holler Mountain Blend for a heavy bodied coffee with tastes of blackberry, hazelnut and toffee. - _How to get there — _Accessible by foot, tram or bicycle.

Courier Coffee

Where : 923 SW Oak St. - Background — Courier Coffee embodies the DIY spirit of Portland. Deliveries are made by bicycle, drinks are served in mason jars and only vinyl is played on the stereo. - Why you should visit — The homemade vegan granola bars, roasts made from single-origin beans and the great vinyl music selection. - How to get there — Accessible by foot or bicycle.


Where : Pearl - 539 NW 13th Avenue, Alberta - 1725 NE Alberta Street, Downtown - 529 SW 3rd Ave, Unit 110 - Background — Using coffee beans from around the world, this top rated shop showcases the best of the coffee world. - Why you should visit — The atmosphere, craft beer on tap and the best espresso in town. - How to get there — Accessible by foot, tram or bicycle.

The Arbor Lodge

Where: 1507 N Rosa Parks Way - Background — The Arbor Lodge is a coffee spot serving the surrounding communities with excellent, exotic roast varieties. - Why you should visit — Coffee roasts from two of Portland's premiere new microroasters, Roseline and Tanager. - How to get there — Accessible by bike or on foot.

Cathedral Coffee

Where: 7530 N Willamette Blvd. - _Background — _This shop offers in-house baked goods and has a great selection of vintage books. - _Why you should visit — _For the freshly roasted coffee, freshly baked maple scones and to try the caramel latte. - _How to get there — _Accessible by foot or bicycle.


Where: 8235 SE 13th Ave, Suite 2. - Background — This specialty coffee shop features multiple roasters, handmade sodas and homemade spiced chai. - Why you should visit — Delicious homemade syrups, sodas and ginger spiced chai. - How to get there — Accessible by foot or bicycle. There is something for every coffee lover in Portland. The next time that you're around, take a couple of days off and visit some of these exceptional coffee spots. You are in for a real treat.

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