4 Android Apps That Make Texting Easier

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Every Android smartphone comes with a texting app that meets the basic needs of most owners. If you text a lot, though, the native app may frustrate you. Instead of sighing every time you get a new text, try these four Android apps that make texting easier.


The best thing about mysms is that it lets you send and receive text messages from multiple devices, including your laptop or desktop computer. Instead of keeping an eye on your phone while you work (or just play on the internet), messages pop up on your screen. The app even works on Mac and Windows computers, so stepping out of the Android ecosystem won’t affect its usefulness.

Other useful features include mysms’s ability to schedule messages, make backups of your conversations, and connect to services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

You can use the basic version of mysms for free. If you want to use the advanced features, you’ll need a premium membership. A membership only costs $9.99 per year, though, and it’s worth the expense.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger has become the go-to texting app for people concerned about smartphone security. Security buffs like the app because it encrypts every message that it sends and receives. This feature makes it nearly impossible for someone to steal private texts, which means you’re free to share person information without worry. Not even the servers that process your messages record the content. They only store meta-data showing when you sent a message.

Signal Private Messenger isn’t just about better security. You can create groups chats to communicate with your friends in real-time. You can also use the app to send files securely to your friends and colleagues. These features make it a great option even for people who aren’t that concerned about smartphone privacy.

chomp SMS

chomp SMS has been around for several years, so it’s not surprising that it is one of the most popular texting apps on this list. Plus, the app offers features that matter most to the average person.

Once you add chomp SMS to your Android device, you gain access to a huge library of emojis that makes your messages more meaningful and fun. The app also lets you blacklist certain contacts so they cannot message you.

chomp SMS comes with plenty of convenience features, too. It’s compatible with Android Wear devices, and it gives you pre-written quick replies so you can answer texts without getting distracted from what you’re doing.


EvolveSMS is a wonderful option for someone who wants a well-rounded texting app that can do just about anything. It supports multimedia messages, communicates with smartwatches, and gives you a menu that makes it easy to select specific conversations. It comes with a beautiful theme, but you can swap it for custom options for free.

If you want a straightforward app that’s easy to use, this is the right choice.

Texting has become such a common form of communication that it makes sense to find an app that matches your unique preferences. Chances are that one of these options will feel right to you.

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