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10 Simple Ways to Trigger Liberals

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It has been a bit too long since I’ve posted here, having spent a good majority of my time building brand on my Twitter feed (@DsnctdFmAmerica). Today I’m feeling quite froggy, and I want to make some of them so upset they have to run, crying, to their “safe space.” Because, you know, words!!

So, here’s a short list of some of the quickest ways to make a loony liberals head spin like Regan from “The Exorcist.”

10 – Remind them that there are only two genders.

While you can legally change your name from Bruce to Caitlin, lop off your twig and berries, and have some saltwater bags implanted in your chest with some tattooed nipples on them, you can’t change the sex with which you were born. Not assigned, mind you, but that you were BORN as. Gender and sex are determined merely by genetics and the types of chromosomes you have. If you were born a male, you will die a male, plain and simple.

9 – Use facts copiously to counter their emotional arguments.

As above, use scientific facts to show their arguments to be ridiculous and based on emotions. They can’t argue against facts, so expect them to call you racist or worse, because once you use facts, they will know they’ve lost.

8 – Abortion is not a “choice” a woman makes for her health care, nor is it anything to do with her body.

Abortion is a choice of murdering an unborn human. Period. Once a woman’s egg is fertilized, there is nothing else that egg can become than a human being. If they use the “clump of cells” argument on you, explain to them that – in point of fact – THEY are nothing more than clumps of cells, so what difference would it make if their mothers were to abort them now?

7 – People who enter the United States against the laws of the United States are not “undocumented immigrants,” they are CRIMINALS!

Tell them that you are all for DACA which should get their hopes up significantly, and then explain your version of DACA stands for “Deport All Criminal Aliens!” We are a nation of laws, and to be allowed to enter is a privilege, NOT a right, and to exercise a privilege, one must do so legally. If they wish to remain here against our rules, they and their whole families should be deported!

6 – Hilary is nothing more than a criminal and if she is not prosecuted and convicted there is no justice in America.

Don’t think I need to explain much more on this one, do I?

5 – Hearkening back to #10 above, use only TRADITIONAL and accepted pronouns!

Reminding them that there are only two genders is made so much easier when you only use correct terminology for the two scientifically recognized genders. Say “him/her,” “his/hers,” “he/she,” and refuse to use any ridiculous made up terms that they will want to press on you!

4 – Common sense gun laws are anything but.

Criminals – by their very definition – do not follow laws. Also, most of the so-called laws that gun grabbing nutjobs want to introduce are already in existence, so to make more only harms those who FOLLOW the law! There’s an old saying that if you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns!

3 – Gun free zones, aren’t.

Never miss an opportunity to remind them that almost ALL mass shootings have occurred in supposed gun free zones, and are committed overwhelmingly by loony lefty liberal nutjobs such as themselves! Maybe we should ban Democrats and Liberals, and THAT would be more commonsensical than making some mythical law that would suddenly have criminals smacking their heads and saying “Oh my, I’ve been doing it wrong all this time!”

2 – Deny that “white privilege” exists in any way, shape, or form.

List out the numerous examples of Americans of all colors and races who have become successful and important in so many areas of our society. Heck, Kanye West, someone who has recently awoken to the idea of thinking for himself, is a black man that has used his God-given talents to make himself rich beyond probably even his wildest dreams!

1 – Trump actually IS THEIR President!

The Coup de Grace!!

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