Scripted Webinar Recap: Substantive Writing

As writers, we strive to create meaningful, substantive content. This webinar offers insights and actionable tips for doing just that. 

Substantive writing is critical across all genres, but it’s perhaps most important in the context of content writing. Readers of online content are eager to get to the meat of a post (or article, or product description) and have little patience for excess text. If your writing has filler and a tough-to-follow flow, you may be alienating readers.

This week’s writer webinar addressed the topic of substantive writing – what it is, why it’s important, and how to create it. We encourage you to view the recorded webinar, which you can access right here. We also invite you to review the presentation’s key learnings:

  1. Substantive writing is dense with information and contains little (if any) filler – that is, text intended to occupy space rather than convey valuable knowledge.
  2. Substantive pieces have an easy-to-identify central theme; sections or paragraphs that support that theme; and a conclusion that summarizes the piece’s main points while adding new dimension to them.
  3. Substantive texts also draw on research from reputable sources.
  4. Why is substance important? It creates value for the reader, increases the piece’s traction, and improves your authorial reputation.
  5. As you write, use precise and descriptive language, draw on reputable sources, cite your sources, be succinct, and make sure to include a powerful conclusion.

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