Scripted Webinar Recap: Stellar Openings and Flawless Flow

Learn the secrets of crafting stellar first lines and writing with flawless flow. 

Yesterday’s writer webinar, Stellar Openings and Flawless Flow, discussed two of the trickier aspects of writing for the Web: creating introductions that capture your reader’s attention and ensuring that your pieces flow smoothly. We began by covering the key identifiers of great openings and flow, reviewed real-life examples of successful and less-than-successful writing, and discussed actionable strategies for improving your writing.

If you couldn’t attend the presentation or if you’d like a refresher, view the recording here. Don’t have time to watch the whole webinar now? Review these five key takeaways to improve your writing today.

  1. Great opening lines are concise, use active voice, establish a piece’s tone, and introduce the piece’s theme (focus).
  2. Strong first paragraphs act as a roadmap for the reader, providing information about what the piece will cover. Like strong opening lines, great introductions continue to establish the desired tone, are an appropriate length for the piece, and connect with the target reader.
  3. The term flow covers multiple aspects of composition, including sentence construction, paragraph construction, transitions, and information selection.
  4. To create sentences with maximum impact, include more important information at the end of the sentence. The latter portion of the sentence, sometimes called the stress position, carries more weight in readers’ minds.
  5. Pieces with great flow have a logical, identifiable structure; contain natural-sounding transitions between sentences and paragraphs; and feature information relevant to the target audience.

For more great tips on building your writing skills, visit the Best Practices & Additional Resources page of our Writer FAQ. Here, you’ll find links to past webinars and best practices for writing within Scripted.

Finally, don’t forget to register for our next writer webinar (9/8) on the basics of AP style–RSVP here!

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